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  1. what the heck are you jibbering on about? M4 _growth_ is positive, even adjusted for all the cash getting sucked up by the banks it is still positive. heading for massive massive inflation.
  2. they'll turn it down bluntly. then in 9 months time you'll see the same ad listed but 'offers in excess of £75k'
  3. gloomburg is saying the fund invested 100% in madeoff. ..and took a 5% onboarding fee ...and took 16% of returns. not exactly rocket science investing all your clients in one fund now is it.
  4. ok now it's my turn are you hanging on the edge of your seat?
  5. the peak of the bull market was JUST 14months ago. You might say that the run was over was only realised (started) in may. now look at the 'dot com' crash from jan 2000. it took 3 years to find the bottom ffs. there is another 3 years to go before you hit the bottom this time round. i'm not telling you to sell all your stocks, there is no point. buy and hold but for at least a 5yr tme horizon. dont forget when interest rates do start going up (in 2010), the stock market will start going down (again)....
  6. http://www.deutsche-bank.de/ir/en/content/...s_2008_7197.htm The call option is at par, the current price is 93 ( http://www.ariva.de/quote/profile.m?secu=190764) The step up is 88 bp over Euribor , so thats probably lower than the 3.875% (dunno??) anyhow. I think the fact they're trading well below par shows that any new debt issued would likely be WELL WELL ABOVE 3.875%
  7. i've a hunch it will be xmas day. the asian markets are open (i think??) so there could be some people trying to push barriers (as in barrier options). that said the reverse is true .. i.e. could see some weak stops getting driven out. either way i'd expect lots of (continuing) volatility. GBPEUR has moved 2pence for the past 4 days, so expect more of that. and for those thinking of betting online with leverage.. DONT. if you leverage even 20x you will loose your shirt because of the volatility.
  8. i take it you speak from experience? since shiping out, i earn more money, pay less tax, doubled the size of my flat, and gaze at all the green grass every day (eat better, live better, see more, do more...) SE UK is no place to raise kids (all kids mess the carpets, i doubt yours are any worse than the average). good luck with the move, and yea dont bother paying any more bills.
  9. well done the anti krust . bug thumbs up to you
  10. right,,.. BOE open market operations.. let me google that for you this on e came back first http://www.bis.org/publ/bppdf/bispap12u.pdf "Our operational techniques normally involve two invitations to our open market counterparties to borrow funds from us on repo for a (roughly) two-week maturity." borrowed with what kind of collatoral? let me google that for you ... ths one cam back tops http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Repurchase_agreement "allows a borrower to use a financial security as collateral for a cash loan at a fixed rate of interest." scrolly scrolly ... "Treasury or Government bills, corporate and Treasury / Government bonds, and stocks" stocks dont happen, wikipedia BS. please tell me how to get free money
  11. bretton woods MK2.. give it 36months
  12. history is there if you look ---edit -- linky didnt work http://bigpicture.typepad.com/comments/200...ear_bull_b.html
  13. used to take the 74 bus to work each day. that motor would be parked outside the Lanesborough every day. for the first year or so I thought it was an ugly car, then I started to like it. never liked lambo's, or ferraris (maybe the 246 dino would be nice to have ). I used to hate the jag xj until an ex gf.. I dumped her. you dont buy cars for money you know
  14. BOE control rates by buying & selling gilts. story..end of.
  15. leverage was sold 7-8 years ago because of dividend yields. (unfortunatly) the 2-3 yr durations for said leverage was simply rolled and the concequence it that. (now) leverage should be getting sold, however nobody wants to buy. (so there you go). the dark rolls royce girl looks like fun - dont you think? I hope she's from essex
  16. the obvious (?) answer is that there needs to be people (some of the sheeple) that are willing to borrow and work. and some that lend (save) and dont. japan works (non inflationary) because all the money that gets printed goes straight into making the bed more comfortable (mattress stuffing). japan also have a trade surplus (playstations etc). the pound (new english krona NEK) exports only the x-factor, which is why GB is so concerned about its participants. so if the x-factor winner sells lots of records the NEK will remain strong. If you dont vote (damn you) you are actively participating in the downfall of the NEK & you will endure massive inflation. so go on VOTE NOW for the xfactor willl save us all.
  17. to answer, 1 as an investment 2 to hedge against inflation / currency collapse 3 as a "worst case" option in case of systemic meltdown. 1) I would say go with SPDR since it has 758 tonnes so in theory should be the most liquid, lowest spread, physically backed instrument. (i said theory, I have not looked at the prices). 2) inflation hedge, for mild inflation then a cheaper EFT (that might have systematic risk issues) might serve well. but for an outright collapse you are risk of governments making it illegal to hold gold or whatever.. see next 3) better to (secretly) hold physical gold that is easily traded (bartered for food or transit to brazil) so gold sovs or 20franc coins. for less dramatic collapse, then maybe the ZKB ETF bought via a swiss online broker. personally speaking - the only reason to hold gold is 3). so I would recommend holding 5 sheets (100) of sovereigns. hide them somewhere & make your grandkids very happy when you pop your clogs. ------edit--- about etfs.. - ETFs have an annual administration fee which makes them uncompetitive for medium and long term investors - ETFs are not direct ownership of physical gold - ETFs like many financial products have indemnification, intermediation, counterparty and custodian risk
  18. I watched a TV show.. some guy was being interviewed about the price of land in hollywood... He said 'HE'ain't making it any more.. another show.. nobody every charge to make this shit. you're paying for the land. in sommertown, in oxford. in UK. in ffs sommertown oxford max 200k, next door to council most probably. what a *****3r [email protected] nobody.
  19. I cant see it being true. otherwise I exported 1000cdroms at 17.5% VAT to my french subsidiary in friday oh each one priced 2000quid
  20. Martin D. Weiss Liberal arts degree from New York University Ph.D. in cultural anthropology from Columbia University ignore him
  21. we all thought that too, but as blokes we dont talk about that stuff
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