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  1. To get interest rates to 2% they must already be using Quantitative Easing. (buying northern rock by definition is quantitative easing, as is buying shares in RBS). If BOE cut to a US style 'zero to 0.25% range' then they would be literally fly-tipping bags of notes at the doorsteps of banks. how much easing are you looking for?
  2. http://www.microsoft.com/msft/earnings/FY0..._rel_q1_09.mspx according to this thay did make 178m profit. ( I stand corrected :angry: ) note the revenue has dropped, so they are obviously cutting some of loss making lines.
  3. Microsoft has 5 business units for reporting purposes. here are the 2007 numbers. Client $11,603 Server and Tools $3,900 Online Services Business $(732) Microsoft Business Division $10,838 Entertainment and Devices Division $(1,892) note that two of the units reported losses. note also (and you should know this) XBOX has never made a single cent of profits. please stop posting BS
  4. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...y-18604685.html A sh1thole cuz I rented it in 2003/4 the place it directly opposite a cement works (with horns and sirens at 6am). the highway also dips underground right here, so loads of traffic noise & pollution. the thames stinks. neighbours on 1st floor were cnts. 2nd bedroom is smaller than the 2nd bathroom. 695k ffs, i rented at 1400pcm
  5. its mix adjusted, which is an overstatement of the average(mean) price (due to the trend for smaller houses)
  6. an excellent chart. I'd go lower than 120k due to the recession. 1993-94 was a recession and on your chart we see a dip below series 2. so 110k would to me seem like a good target.
  7. & the pick & mix in wollies was good, but they still shut up shop. M$ make most of revenue from Office & the OS. even xbox makes massive losses, i bet all the 'interesting stuff' they do in cambridge earns zero revenue.
  8. +2 My belief/hope is that they are working on some big panorama type documentries to stick on when parity is reached on the spot markets. as everyone knows volatility is massive currenty (most days at least 2cents movement) and since we're at 0.96 p now it really is just days away...
  9. i Had a disccussion a LONG time ago with someone who did some computer modelling of i think the central line. My understanding was that all lines once in zone 1 are computer controlled. There are some tight bends and in order to maintain the correct service/avoid derailment the trains must have their speeds accurately controlled. Jubilee is obviously newer and is probably controlled the whole way by computer. Lines like hammersmith & city are slower than DLR by my reckoning (e.g. baker st to aldgate stretch)
  10. • The house price to earnings ratio – a key affordability measure - is at its lowest for five and a half years. The house price to average earnings ratio has decreased to an estimated 4.44 in December 2008 from a peak of 5.84 in July 2007. The ratio is at its lowest level for over five and a half years (April 2003: 4.44). The long-term average is 4.0. So assuming wage inflation ~= rpi , this chart has already retraced to the blue horizontal line (april 2003 prices, WAGE INFLATION adjusted)
  11. a 42" plasma 10 years ago would have cost 5 grand. the price has been dropping every year. Today you'd pay less than 500quid (im looking at richer sounds website). next year (2010) the price will be higher, as will fruit & vegetables, train fares (again), breads, eggs, you name it. and most likely houseprices too.
  12. http://www.dwp.gov.uk/asd/asd4/medium_term.asp the spreadsheet you wanna download is table 3. pick the rows with the big numbers and start applying. £9,800,000,000 Disability Living Allowance £5,500,000,000 Incapacity Benefit - long-term a bad back should be enough, no need to break her pelvis
  13. split it across a few banks on deposit. don't touch equities, bonds or gold or anything. for at least a few years at least. investing now wth the amount of volatility in all markets is simply is not worth it. visit an FA when things calm down a bit.
  14. its called volatility, and it works to both ways. nothing to see here, please move along. (and a very very light trading day)
  15. I went on a school trip to the JET project when I was 7 years old or so. thats flippin 30 years ago and the same BS 'in 10years' is getting spouted about ITER. People need power production now. so go and build a helium 3 power plant on the moon if you want to do something that makes a difference. or if thats to tough hurry up with ITER ffs. cue joke gannt chart http://www.iter.org/a/n1/downloads/construction_schedule.pdf
  16. yea theres a big glowy thing that appears in the morning, but disappears at night. maybe we could use that for power?
  17. Magnet kitchens Smallbone kitchens Bathstore ligne rosset courts furniture, i wondered if this one had already died? it had hehe maplins. needs to go back to a weighty mailorder catalogue you buy in smiths. doesnt warrant a place on the high street.
  18. I did have a brompton & also had a rather nice argos frame made for me. Generally the locals prefer colnago, royce bottom brackets are highly regarded so might be hope.. except for every frame you export probably 100 frames get imported
  19. I was chatting to my dental hygenist here in zurich. She said she liked shopping in london, but only went for the cashmere which is too expensive now. I was trying to think of other things to suggest she shop for, and couldn't. From the link below, the only hope is in pharmaceuticals, whisky and rolls royce. And no, all her hygening equipment was swiss, i checked. [http://international-trade-leaders.suite101.com/article.cfm/top_uk_exports_imports] British Exports to U.S. Of the $53.4 billion in American imports from Britain in 2006, the following product categories had the highest values. 1. Medicinal, dental & pharmaceutical preparations …US$8.2 billion (15.3% of Britain to U.S. exports, up 41.8% from 2005) 2. New & used passenger cars … $5 billion (9.3%, down 12.5%) 3. Other petroleum products … $3.6 billion (6.8%, up 22.7%) 4. Crude oil … $2.9 billion (5.5%, down 37.2%) 5. Civilian aircraft engines … $2.3 billion (4.4%, up 18%) 6. Goods returned to U.S. then reimported … $2.1 billion (4%, down 0.9%) 7. Collectibles (e.g. artwork, antiques, stamps) … $1.6 billion (2.9%, up 13.2%) 8. Materials handling equipment … $1.24 billion (2.3%, up 36.1%) 9. Precious metals other than gold … $1.237 billion (2.3%, up 36.1%) 10. Alcoholic beverages other than wine … $1.2 billion (2.2%, up 11.8%) Fastest-Growing British Exports to U.S. Below are American imports from Britain in 2006 with the highest percentage sales increases from 2005. 1. Non-monetary gold … US$37.3 million (up 4,073% from 2005) 2. Civilian aircraft (complete) … $55.9 million (up 739%) 3. Tin … $15.3 million (up 353%) 4. Newsprint … $12.4 million (up 193%) 5. Miscellaneous (e.g. hair, waste materials) … $38.7 million (up 130%)
  20. dunno about you but US dollars are of no relevance to me. gold is 583 GBP an ounce which is effin expensive. and euro has strengthened so the 10billion a year deficit with germany will become 14billion. UNLESS we cut back 4 billion on imports, or we export 4 billion more. exporting more is likley to be a bit difficult.. infact trade deficit numbers are likely to be of number 1 focus for the next few years (like in the 1970s).
  21. dhss welcome. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics...ncil-house.html
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