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  1. +1** if you have 100k in the bank, then take 2 years out and do an MBA. take the GMAT & see how well you do. **if you are a CFA charterholder, keep it to yourself.
  2. 1) If I cant buy food, I'd be willing to steal it, or kill others for it. 2) I've always bought food from the nearest most convenient place that happens to be open. be it kebab shop, curry house, tescos or coop. what was your point again?
  3. thats a little bit more than a one kilo bar. of course comex are gonna say spin on it.
  4. house is 100k i think. seems ok, esp if they could get it for 85k
  5. the key to getting out of a recession is getting back to work to produce things people want. you just need to watch the TV commercials & see car insurance rightmove (wtf) cars from 1989 ( that volvo DRIVe reminds me of the 480, & vw golf ffs) car insurance car insurance food pron if I dont wanna buy any of the above, then chances are nobody else does.
  6. not as quiet as 70p to 80p in september!!! circulation actually went up, so I guess they thought
  7. do you really not get it? when you buy an ADR you expose yourself to the exchange rate of the underlying. i.e. if you buy an ADR from a uk broker & fund it in GBP you are not taking any USD risk.
  8. how about if the halifax fell 99.9% from 100p to 0.1p and the pound fell 99.9% against the dollar. (10GBP buys one US cent) the halifax ADR will be flat that day on NYSE?
  9. thats what I thought you would say.... you're wrong of course, but you probably realised that already.
  10. most physical buying comes from india and they are the people who think in terms of, if its below 40,000 rupees i buy if its above 40,000 rupees i wont. there is little point looking at sterling charts, or even usd for that matter** ** until the demographics of physical buyers change
  11. remember folks EURozone is worse off http://www.creditaction.org.uk/january-2009.html
  12. ok here's something to think about with RBS. price goes to 10p, govt halt stock. decide to sell bank of china stake and issue extrordinary dividend (short sellers would need to pay this to the original owner of the stock). decide to split the bank into a good bank (insurance business) and bad bank (the bank). the bank gets taken over (shares worth zero) but the other bank remains listed and trades at a quid. hedge funds shafted.
  13. They forgot to tell you how much volume there was. without this figure the movements are meaningless. hint volume is very low. UK announce (possible) rate cuts on thursday. wait until friday or next week to see which way things are heading.
  14. i think after what happened with vw/porsche (hedge)funds will be reluctant to short sell the likes of RBS (58% held by govt). not for any other reason that govt can do pretty much what they like after the fact citing an FSA rule that they just made up. (sorry that makes no sense - first beer of 2009 ) but I think you get the point.. There are plenty of other things to short (I'm thinking the short semiconductor fund that did well last year). oh man this beer is great
  15. dulwich is a better commute to the city than kew, or richmond. however there are fewer properties. the nicer ones are facing the school playing fields/golf cllub & are closer to Sydenham station. I think that section is a toll/private road (college road). fire up google maps & look up Sydenham hill station & look for the swimming pools in the gardens. kind of like a mini moor park.
  16. quite, the halifax figures without smoothing would show a more volatile picture. and if the red line picks up it will get misinterpreteed for sure.
  17. that was the tactics I used in 1998. I said I wanted an 75k house and was willing to pay 65k, I exchanged contracts without seeing it other than from the road It will be the same this time except I'll be asking for houses that are 50% off since the peak.
  18. I imagine there will be lots more of this. vendors will not want to lose face by admitting publicly how much their pile is no longer worth. If you're genuinly interested, be open with the EA about your top number, then let them do the donkey work to find a vendor who can meet you. looking at that site, I would say the ones with prices are double what they should/will be.
  19. Its what the japanese did. they ran out of bonds to buy (in order keep rates low) so started buying corporate bonds and equities.
  20. Just post any quarter or FY report with all units making money.
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