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  1. plaster them into the wall, behind a picture of the titanic
  2. to miss quote sky new today if there is a hung parliment - GBP crashes in may if there is a clear winner - GBP crashes in august goes the same for any other government trying to issue bonds at low interest rates, when inflation is rocketting (if inflation is 4.4% then you'd expect interest rates to be 6.4% or so)
  3. what you talking about? petrol, copper, gold?? all three hey everythings going up!
  4. i dont see how this works... lets say over the next 2years we see DOW 7,000 and gold at $7000/oz we have a STR fund of 100oz of gold (this is the long term house price in gold from other threads). which we turn into a DOW tracker fund. then over the next 25 years (yes we must wait twenty five or thirty years) the ratio is at 40 or 50. lets say the DOW is now at 70,000 and gold is $1500/oz youre DOW fund is now worth 7million USD however... over the next two years gold goes to $3000 and DOW is 3000. 25 years later DOW is 30,000 and gold is $1000 .. (ratio 30) that doesn't sound like a fantastic invertment now?? average house price is probably 3million ffs
  5. all brokers who hold leveraged positions on their books has a financial interest in driving those positions to 'stop out'. doesn't matter if it's FX, metals, shares, horse racing, roulette, houses.. you name it. if you are unhappy about it, don't take leveraged positions. the bigger crime is with people who put down 5% (say 20grand) on a house, took a leveraged position & not only lost the 20grand, but also wind up in debt for 25years.. actually..thats no crime..its their own stupid fault i'm happier & richer renting thanks
  6. zurich is a building site. from the station looking south i can see 12 cranes. on the north side there is primetower.ch going up & another 4 or 5 office blocks nearby. my tax rate is 18% (and 'state schools' are free). but - main thing is, there is no current account deficit. everyone has money, there is no unsecured debt, the army doesnt fight phoney wars, all the gold wasn't sold off. housing is cheaper than in the UK.
  7. the semi is 'worth' the same as it was 20years ago, maybe a bit less cuz its old a bar of gold now is no different from a bar of gold yesterday. the point is that money is worth LESS now, not gold more.
  8. pls refer to thread about price of a house if prices rise 10% yoy for 20years.
  9. http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/manuals/vgoldmanual/VGOLD1700.htm "Allows Member States to introduce measures to combat fraud on gold supplies between taxable persons" That implies that VAT was dropped, because VAT fraud was occuring. Now, if the EU have come up with a general way to stop VAT fraud occuring, then I see no reason why VAT will not be bought back. Taxing jaffa cakes is fairly low IMO
  10. There is an EU wide plan to change VAT rules/law. The idea is that things subject to carousel fraud do not have B2B VAT levied. VAT will only be paid when the end customer pays. That includes mobile phones, platinum bullion, and computer chips. (i.e. no VAT refunds) Slipping Gold into that basket is very easy, and would apply across the EU. Try buying a platinum bar without VAT (and getting it in your hand).
  11. to answer the OP The next downleg is when interest rates start going up. when will this happen? when the government need to issue bonds to someone other than the BOE. i.e. when QE ends, which is not so long to wait & the BOE chairman talking down the pound discourages foreign bond holders, therefore will force interest rates up even higher. country is doomed.
  12. give the woman a break. how do you expect someone from Dominica to know about british law
  13. its old old news. Russia & Venezuela also receive euros for oil. Since the beginning of 2003, Iran has required euro in payment of exports toward Asia and Europe http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petrocurrency
  14. 29 million ounces long - for delivery at the end of the month. investors (speculators) must either take delivery (which rarely happens), roll over contracts to the next month (i.e. finance more borrowing), or close the position by selling. since the stock market seems to have some legs, the hot money will likely flow out of gold futures & into equities - i.e. gold price will go down. however if the stock markets are jittery next week, then that wont happen..
  15. ballpark 80k 65-48 = 17years you will not be allowed to have a repayment mortgage that extends past your retirement date (unless choose to throw a chunk of your retirement fund at the repayment). draw your own conclusions...
  16. You missed some -1. Gold $20: "$20 will always be $20 1849-1933." 0. Gold $35: "new deal to counter 30% unemployment during the great depression. a one off"
  17. http://www.hamiltonbrooks.co.uk/Property/R...C2/London/HTB57 states from 375k (that would be a 30sqm studio?) some more pics here http://londonist.com/2009/02/in_photos_sec...the_barbica.php anyway, my point.. adverts saying that the apartments will go on sale 23rd september. i've never been keen on the architecture, and the location seems great, but there are some big council estates a few 100m to the north. W shaped recovery anyone?
  18. switzerland commuting costs (&lunch even) is tax deductible. & my annual travel card is about 700quid (2quid/day) 12mile commute.
  19. I think the commonwealth & japan had controls after WW2. I'm sure you can dig up links for most countries (except switzerland .. ) over the centuries. http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/cth/con...5972/index.html PART IV--GOLD 40. Operation of Part 41. Transfer of gold out of Australia 42. Delivery of gold 43. Vesting of gold delivered 44. Payment for gold 45. Limitation of sale and purchase of gold 46. Limitation on working of gold 47. Application of Part 48. Exemptions http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/cth/con...195972/s42.html
  20. there was an article on this in the FT. they said mongolia (the biggest miners) want to help their economy by banning exports, therefore forcing manufacturers (or refiners) to set up shop in mongolia. fair enough i reckon.
  21. just stating the obvious. I think dubai did the same thing a while ago
  22. its all sour grapes on the part of SAP/Microsoft. If oracle bought tibco, I doubt they'd make a fuss. but that would be a better strategic move. Oracle bought sun for the service contracts. Just like when compaq bought DEC.
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