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  1. I do find it strange, as the way I see it, QE and fixed low fixed income returns should boost equity markets. More liquidity (cash gotta find a home) naff all in bonds/depos - and commodities played out. The only home is equity markets. So it begs the question - what has happened to QE money? Banks havent lent it out thats for sure.
  2. Purely anecdotal, but I play bass in a band, and recently bought a made in China, Squier (Fender) Precision Bass Custom Vibe. Paid £300 for it, and it plays the **** off an American Standard. At rehearsal tonight, the guitarist brought in a new Chinese built Gretsch Jet, paid £230 for it and it really is a dream to play - and looks goods to boot. These guitars are made in China under licence. The early QC issues seemed to have been resolved, and they are competitive now in all depts, not just on price.
  3. He obviously held a view that was wrong, but stubbornly stuck to it despite the fact the market was moving against him on a daily basis......Of course, nobody here would be that stupid.
  4. I will concede on this. I have checked out as couple of A level economics text books and no mention of credit creation multiplier. All I can say is there certainly was in 1977.
  5. The credit creation multiplier is no dark secret. Its in every 'A' level economics text book. I dont see any shady cabal trying to keep it under wraps.
  6. Interesting, cos around me - Aldgate/Whitechapel (Boro Tower Hamlets), there are 5 or six new developments of student accommodation - one of them near Petticoat lane is 21 story! http://www.nidostudentliving.com/home.php and this one is typical :- http://www.crm-students.com/en/student-accommodation/london/the-curve-zone-1 I cant see who will fill them, as the overseas student scam is being clamped down on, and most British kids cant aford it. There has to be a reason why so much student build is in evidence.
  7. Grant Bovey/Anthea Turner Rosie Millard
  8. Has anybody stopped for a second to look at the source/quality of this 'research'? Fathom Consulting? I tell you now, there is no realistic model you can use to conclude 50% off London property. It could fall 60%, 70%, 80%, or just 10%. For all anyone knows, it might go up. All they have done is wet their finger and shoved it in the air. Not saying they are wrong, but I bet Fathom Consulting is just a couple of blokes sitting around a table, getting paid fortunes, making wild assumptions about things nobody can possibly know. They employ a P.R. and get it in the Telegraph for mass consumptio
  9. Whilst Brighton is holding ridiculous levels - it seems Shoreham is well bid too. My nephew is trying to buy there (250k ish) and it seems properties are (quiclky) going for asking, estate agents not bothering to return calls etc........... Is it the train line to London? I cant for the life of me see any other attraction apart from that. Any insight welcome!
  10. Just been told by a mortgage advisor that BTL mortgages can be had at 25% deposit, interest only, no salary check. Apparently they are being offered by an offshoot of the Nationwide. They are still not regulated by the FSA. Crazy.
  11. ....students kicked it off last year, and 26th of this month - 'march for the altenative'..........
  12. UK:- Govt debt/household debt/neg equity/unemployment/inflation/protests Europe :- Unsolved Euro imbalances/inflation/unemployment/riots Mid East :- Geopoltical instability/uprisings/civil war/oil heads to $200 China:- Bubble soon to burst/protests US Unemployment/Govt debt/house price crash/inflation/protests
  13. 'The Fivelive financial guy said that with Tier One the banks weren't going to lend vast sums on mortgages as it meant they need bigger reserves. I just felt that it was going over the guy's head. ' .........and this is exactly right Masked Tulip. The amount of ignorance from people who work in the housing sector is scary. I know IFA's, Estate Agents, Developers etc and none - to a man - could tell you the relevance of bank capital to the availability of mortgages/housing mkt. They have no idea about how in the last 10/15yrs the securitisation mkt allowed banks to transfer mortgages off bala
  14. ...there was also political pressure to go easy on mortgage application criteria. Politicians who thought they had ended boom and bust, decided house ownership would ease the fact that there was jack-shite money in the pension pot. The 'My House is my Pension' mantra was probably first proposed at some Labour Party think-tank during 1999.
  15. hmmm.....that article actually says wage bill, not bonus. Goldman, like a few other large investment banks, have bolstered bankers basic pay by multiples to avoid the end year bonus scandal. However, by looking at annual staff remuneration, it just confirms that the old practices are the same, but under a different header.
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