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  1. I love Adam Sutton's Rightmove/Google Maps interface! How long have you known about it, I can't see any discussion about it on the board? Anyway, as for your list, you should add Vebra
  2. http://www.cbrd.co.uk/indepth/m4buslane/
  3. Ooh didn't see that bit! (still finding my way round to the new Pugh site design) Poked around a few Agusta lots and average guide price is up around 20x rental income! I wonder what the true reserve prices are, 70, 75% of guide?
  4. Have to disagree with you on the catalogue thickness, the total number of lots at Pugh's recent (and forthcoming) auctions are as follows... 01/12/04 - 197 23/02/05 - 231 20/04/05 - 181 01/06/05 - 128 13/07/05 - 168 07/09/05 - 148 20/10/05 - 178 07/12/05 - 114
  5. http://www.m2.com/m2/web/story.php/20050A8...02570BC00433BB5
  6. Its that cheap because it's scheduled for demolition... www.burnley.gov.uk/elevate/ (See Picadilly & Trafalgar Area Action Plan)
  7. Interesting project! Any chance of posting or PM'ing me the source, I'd like to have a go at converting it to perl.
  8. Photo printers - Waste of money! Upload your pics to Bonusprint and pay approx 15p each, that's cheaper than what you'd be paying in ink costs. Sentimental computer junk - I was in the same boat until recently. Catalogue all your stuff, write down the date you bought it, what you use it for and the date you last used it. Also note if the item has been obsoleted by a new piece of kit. If you're too sentimental to simply whizz it, sell it on eBay as a "collector's job lot", or offer it all to your local TV repair shop. Second room - no idea!
  9. It seems Rightmove are having database problems this evening. If I do a search for all properties within 5 miles of my town under a certain price limit and modified within the last 24 hours it comes back with 15 matches. When I click through to the second page of listings it's forgotten the "last 24 hours" bit and now has over 100 matches.
  10. George... Grow up!Unshure... take a peek at the table below. All these houses within a couple of miles of where you live are for sale at under £75,000. They are all perfectly habitable, although personally I'd draw the line at Inkerman street. At the end of each line I've added the number of weeks since the listing appeared. These houses are not "SELLING LIKE HOT CAKES". A similar situation exists in Burnley, Nelson and Accrington. Street..........Town...........Type.............Status......Price..Weeks Gordon St.......Bacup..........3BR Mid Terr.....For Sale....69,950.42 Britannia Av.
  11. Maybe the solicitor for the June sale hasn't completed the paperwork yet? Some sales take much longer than this to appear in LR data.
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