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  1. I used to live on that side street, managed to sell the house last July, but only after slashing the price to 17% below peak - at the time the Estate Agents thought we were absolutely crazy, but it got us a quick sale and is probably worth even less now.
  2. I like the peak price and loss from peak columns - nice work. Will be very interesting to see what the average loss from peak is.
  3. An excellent analysis. I've been doing the same with Barnard Marcus auctions, although I've been working out an equivalent date. At the last auction we were down to 2001 prices by the Nationwide index, which is also about 50% down. When I get the time I'll convert to the same format as you and post here as a comparison.
  4. And the prize for the biggest loss goes to... Not surprised at all. Incredible that someone paid that amount for it in 2004.
  5. Thank you. As tommyboy has been doing such a good job with these auction threads, I haven't felt the need to post as much. However, I am still watching them all, and analysing.
  6. Lot 54 - 21 Old Convent, Moat Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 Believe it or not, this one was originally on the market for £499,950 a year ago. It was also available to rent (for £1350 pcm IIRC), we actually viewed it as it is a beautiful building with really good facilities such as a tennis court / swimming pool. However the layout is just too bizarre, for example the kitchen is in the hallway, at the bottom of the stairs. It just would not work as a family home, so I would be surprised if it even fetches the guide price of £250,000.
  7. I already use the Nationwide average house price data to work out an equivalent date; I suppose could also use it to calculate a % change from peak, this would be more meaningful than a % change from the last sold price. I'll take a look. I'll also look at why my summary isn't picking up all previous sold prices (e.g. lot 366).
  8. My analysis, with equivalent dates. Barnard Marcus equivalent date index for Oct 2008: Apr 2002 (Inflation-adjusted: Mar 1999) Last month the equivalent date was Sep 2002, the month before it was Nov 2002. We're still heading back in time! barnard_marcus_results_oct13.htm barnard_marcus_results_oct13.htm
  9. Really looking forward to analysing the results of this one. A large number of lots, and a very large proportion of them with previous sold prices. I have a script that analyses the results of these auctions to calculate an equivalent date. Last month we were back to Sep 2002 prices, I wonder where we will be after this one?
  10. Great work tommyboy, this gives me a summary that I can analyse in terms of what date this takes us back to, like I have been doing for the Barnard Marcus auctions. If you could produce one of these after every EI Group auction, that would be excellent.
  11. Well, I can back it up, and we're definitely still at 2002 prices, at least with the Barnard Marcus auctions. We were back to Nov 2002 at the August auction, and at the September auction, we were even further back, to Sep 2002. See attached my analyses of these auctions. Please feel free to check the figures. barnard_marcus_results_aug19.htm barnard_marcus_results_sep9.htm barnard_marcus_results_aug19.htm barnard_marcus_results_sep9.htm
  12. Full analysis of the results attached - with last sold prices, changes, and equivalent dates. Summary: - We are back to Sep 2002 prices (last month Nov 2002) - We are back to May 2000 in inflation-adjusted terms (last month Jun 2000) - Average rental yield (from a sample of 1 admittedly) 12.05% (last month 11.95%) Enjoy! barnard_marcus_results_sep9.htm barnard_marcus_results_sep9.htm
  13. Edward Mellor: Lot 21A: 100 Green Pastures, Stockport, Cheshire, SK4: Guide Price £250,000 Plus When we lived up there a couple of years ago, all the houses on this street were asking about £400,000 (they are all pretty similar) - will be interesting to see what this one goes for. I will post a full summary of the Barnard Marcus results including what date on average we are back to in terms of prices, when the auction is over (as I did last month). Unfortunately I can't do it for the other auctions yet as the published format is different, but I am working on it. Edit: to add specific auction referred to.
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