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  1. I remember thinking years ago that I'd seen more beautiful women in a few hours travelling on the london tube that I'd seen in my whole life in Ireland. Having said that though, I will note that Irish woman seem to be getting prettier. Not sure they are getting friendlier though. I mean what could they resist about me ?
  2. Ireland would be a wonderful place if it weren't for the fact that our elites are little more than smarmy snake-oil property saleman two-faced blarney-tongued pot-bellied grifters. And the general population doesn't seem in any hurry to change this.
  3. Au contraire ! You would have a front seat to a great modern drama on the themes of stupidity and punishment. I'm looking forward to the comic relief in the next act when the headless chickens are released on stage. (all animatronic - no real animals are used). This production I believe will be going on tour and coming to the UK soon.
  4. Here's some wealthy Florida "senior citizens" : Bag-holders in tears
  5. These days I generally keep my bearish mouth shut as I believe things are going to get nasty as the bubble deflates but I'm hearing interesting comments around the workplace on this report. Some of the comments are: "who is this loser anyway - betcha he didn't make any money during the boom" or "If this guy is any good, how come he's stuck in a university and not working for one of the big banks" The complete disdain for someone in an academia is ironic as the government is pushing Ireland as a future knowledge based economy based on research and development! This bubble has not only distorted the economy but perceptions and values have gone completely out of whack as well.
  6. My experience living there (Western Coast) was that Christianity is strong and active at the grassroots or community level. -On Sunday the local churches are packed and many of my american neighbours (who were great neighbours by the way) were volunteers in their churches organising summer events for kids, overseas trips for teens etc. However most workplaces, schools, government offices etc are being scrubbed clean of any Christian influences because of the threat of legal action against them. (I upset someone at work for wishing them a "merry christmas". I was forgiven this crime because I was foreign and didn't know better!) Karl Marx spoke of those who control the commanding heights. Who is the powerful minority of the population presenting themselves as “the mainstream” through their control of powerful institutions in the media, in entertainment, in the publishing world, in the universities etc. I never got the impression that these commanding heights in america are owned/controlled by Christians on a mission - morons or otherwise !
  7. Trichet will be making his statement from over here in Dublin. As he speaks he may hear a rude f*rting sound in the distance. That would be the bloated Irish property market as it deflates some more. I think saw him in person yesterday. He was in one of several police escorted Audis driving through South Dublin yesterday. I mentioned it to a few people in work today (including someone who owns two properties). They'd never heard of him! Oddly enough some people over here still think the British property market will crash first. http://www.unison.ie/columnists/brendan-ke...&si=1817954 (reg. req.)
  8. Any article that blabs on about Irish prosperity and property wealth and ignores the monumental levels of borrowing that are propping it up is suspect and should be considered VI propaganda. Ireland now has the most severe private sector debt in the world. Hmmm I see, let's write an article on the Irish economy and not mention this
  9. Good example of price reduction in the prop. supplement of the Irish Independant this morning. A house for sale in Dublin now reduced to €840k - still no bidders. A neighbouring house sold for circa €950k earlier in the year. The buyer for that €950k house would actually have payed about €1050k with stamp duty and other costs. So €1050k spent on a house now worth €840k and falling - all in the space of a few months. If this is described as a soft landing - what'll the crash be like ?
  10. Check out these beauties and prices. http://www1.myhome.ie/search/search_result...Local=glasthule Remember, Irish financial institutions are lending out big time in this silliness. I keep wondering when international hedge funds are going to take note and move in for the killing.
  11. That's an average. There are large tracts of the capital, Dublin, that have easily bubbled up 1000% in 10 years. I often wonder why some big international hedge funds don't take an aggresive short interest in the Irish Banks. Perhaps they're waiting for a couple more rate hikes.
  12. I think Irish banks are entering into a no-win zone of their own creation. If they remain or become more reckless with lending to keep property prices moving up, then investors will get increasingly jittery about the degree of lending into a property bubble and will likely dump the shares. If they become more prudent with lending and property prices stagnate or fall then investors will get increasingly nervous about their profitiability and dump the shares. I think Mar 06 marked the high water mark for Irish financial Stocks. I'd be very surprised to see it reach those levels again for some time !
  13. God! If only ! I know there's been a few anecdotals over on askabout but I'm going to wait for firmer evidence before I get me hopes up (too many false tops in the past )
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