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  1. The problem was that the jobs that were lost were the equivilent of the public sector non-jobs today.

    Jobs digging coal out of the ground when the world wanted gas, jobs making iron and steel when the world was awash with the stuff produced at half the cost overseas. Jobs in overmanned factories producing badly built cars that nobody wanted.

    All dependent upon massive and similarly unaffordable subsidies.

    So was it Thatcher's fault the jobs were lost, or was it the fault of her predecessors who tried to ignore reality.

    If Cammeron wins no doubt he'll go down as the new Thatcher: hated in the north for the unemployment he inflicted on the region. Is it his fault that Brown created a massive army of non-jobbers the country can't afford?

    he`ll be hated whatever he does because the BBC and Max Clifford will tell us that he is hated...

    if the blessed Margaret didn`t exist would we all be still driving Morris Marinas now? can we have have innovation without reward?

  2. Spain bulldozes its credibility into the landfill.

    Hasta La Huego.

    And we though Franco was an aberration.

    Au contraire,

    He was just the product of a fundamental Spanish dysfunction ....

    That reasserts,

    As for the rest ....

    Who cares?

    of course many of the Daily Mail reading expats on the costas moved there because they thought (and in many cases still do) that Franco was still running the country, which in a way is quite ironic given Franco`s distain for all things Andalucian

  3. 50,000 with good grades?

    I thought everyone got 6 A* A Levels with honours.

    Just wondering where 50,000 jobs ** are that need people with a good degree.

    AH, I forgot, we have the knowledge economy. funny, I have a lot of knowledge, but until I do something useful with it, there is no economic activity.

    ** heres one of them :D


    Job No:WIL/24789

    Wage£15,000+ PER ANNUM + BONUSES

    Hours37-40 PER WEEK, MONDAY-FRIDAY, 8:30AM-5:30PM

    LocationLONDON NW10 NW10


    Date posted02 March 2010

    Pension detailsNo details held


    Must have a degree (or equivalent) in IT/Business related subject. Computer literacy essential with experience of Excel, Access, databases and web design. PHP, SQL, Java and Photoshop experience is desirable but not essential. Will be involved in development of website, helping process day to day orders on eBay and Amazon, inputting products onto. database and website. The job will involve some light parcel packing duties as required. How to apply

    You can apply for this job by sending a CV/written application to Krishan Dadhania at Link, [email protected]



  4. For a lot of clearly very well paid and possibly intelligent programmers - a lot of you have the common sense of a retard !!

    Who cares whether visual basic (VBA) is a 'good' programming language or not. Who cares if it is not as well respected as other stuff like C++ or Java or whatever that means.

    It is usefull for the very applications that are in use every day for pretty much every organisation, small and large across the World.

    Excel, Word, Outlook, Powerpoint etc..

    How many people that use these applications even know how to flash up a pop up box or save a file automatically ? Very few. And that is being generous.

    So when you are the one person in the office who can do these simple things ? Kerching !!! You are some sort of IT genius. When in fact that could not be further from the truth.

    Some of you need a slap of common sense. You are trying to be the best programmer in areas where you have a mass of competition. Why not move into areas where you have no competition and use a 'useless' language like VB to become the 'wow look at the amazing stuff he can do' person ?

    slap ! - large baseball bat more like!

    sometimes the kiddies are not as `clever` as they think they are.. was ever thus

  5. Yes but you don't get on rightmove.

    ..exactly, there is sometimes a whor(e)ship of rightmove as some sort of God on here, from both sides of the debate - sometimes RM isn`t always an all seeing God,

    some cashed up Granny bags might have never been near a pc in their life but just might buy your house because the`ve seen it for sale whilst going to pick up a book of stamps -

    how clever your `buyer` would feel if they `found` your property without it being on rightmove and thus nobody else would know about it - sometimes less is more

  6. You forgot the VAT. 1.5% will cost £2820.

    On my house (valued at £186,950), the local EA wanted 1.75% = £3844.16.

    Or I could go with housenetwork for £464.13.

    That's a £3380 saving.



    do your own 8 page website with your own domain name to sell your own property

    very very easy to do, and your own desriptions and photos of your own property will a lot better than any **** of an EA can do

    then advertise your website on the free listing sites and put a colour photo in your local newsagents windows (80%+ of the people that might/will buy your home live within 5 miles of it!)

    cost £30.00 a year for website and 50p/£1 for the ad in the newsagents window

    why estate agents exist is beyond me !

  7. When you read stuff like this, and think about all the damage that has been done to people's lives, you cant help but think that when a project like this is taken on, those asking for the work to be done should be help personally liable for any shortfalls. And those working on the scheme can then decide, by the wealth of the 'sponsor', whether or not they want to take on the work. So many wide-boys hide behind limited liability and get a free bet on a scheme like this, heads they win, tails the contractors lose.

    ... the `first` invoice always get paid, getting the second one paid is always when the fun starts, subbies, like everyone else for that matter, can be very easily suckered by people

    who have `given` them money, was always thus...

    doesn`t make it right though, but business is all about knowing who `not` to do business with and this is something you`re never going to learn out of a book

  8. My favourite taxi driver years ago was an admitted anarchist (in the Kropotkin sense rather than the modern interpretation) who was a PhD student from the Carribean. He always claimed that rich people should give poor people just enough that they don't want to break into rich people's houses to steal what they need to survive for the next week.

    It was a very good observation that has stuck with me since.

    can everybody be poor at the same time?

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