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  1. can (does) a public forum have its own copyright?, YOU LAZY HACK YOU !!!!! you know you are, how about a HPC link in your articles at the very least... play fair
  2. good point, well made, you agree with me then - big kiss XXX
  3. until one of the tenants decides to burn the place down and go back to Poland and the insurance will not pay out because its arson...............
  4. cause you wouldn`t believe me if I did!, not going to anyway..
  5. ... Adam Boulton et al can not say he` IS` Adam Boulton because...... go figure.. `we say it here, it comes out there` - broadcast news
  6. yes, but what I`m saying is that the `book` is not (or has to be) necessarily balanced as per your example, paddypower do not want the bet, hence the odds, because they believe they `know` what is going to happen and at the end of day, this is how they stay in business
  7. sorry, beg to differ, bookies make the market that punters buy into, ie; 1/16 on, infers a certainty of result that is not worth buying into..
  8. paddypower odds tonight - 1/16 on. conservatives being largest party in commons, are they THAT wrong ??
  9. Dear Sky News - (we know you are reading) please can you cut this with the `Monty Burns spits out Blinky` moment.. you know you want to!
  10. no `Stop the City` this year then ??
  11. I am reminded by our green lizard overlords that the conservatives won the 1970 election due to one set of bad trade figures published in the same week as the election, thus perhaps you are a week early? ie, super duper, extree black monday with added lipozones is a coming..
  12. of course they will stick the price of the 2 bed flat under the photo of the 4 bed detached home :angry: and assume that you won`t check your receipt
  13. so if you increase something`s price it makes it `more` affordable .. FFS
  14. ``few people would be in a position to buy houses at the cheaper prices`` you can`t make this stuff up ...
  15. the above post is a very good example of why this site `isn`t dead` - I am, and no doubt many others, are being exposed to a level of erudition, even if its got nothing to do directly with HPI, that would not otherwise be the case - well done everybody - carry on..
  16. Many, many years ago I suggested to `Yellow Pages` that because the areas covered by each edition where so large, if you had a business on the edge of the boundry area, this would mean that your reach of your advert would miss of a lot of your potential customers. So why not overlap each editions boundry`s ? Their thinking was, and still is, that you would pay to go into two editions if this was the case. Or not, as appears to be the case now;
  17. very watchable - would suggest a hook to get the people with 7 second attention spans who `need` to watch this, add the word `sex` to title ie, `affordable housing sex scandal` remove the sex bit after it goes viral
  18. .. framed antique Woolworths PLC share certificates anyone ? whats not to like, or could I interest you in few hundred thousand amstrad emailers ..
  19. next to the above article `s text when viewed from the uk is the following ad.. Ads by Google new Homes from Barratt 25% of Your Home Could Be Funded With a Shared Equity Deferred Loan ...
  20. of course none of our friends from the former colonies who are landlords are never ever ever, ever related to their HB tenants , because this would be just wrong (and illegal)............... and their brother in laws morgage brokerage firm would never dream of doing a self-cert for the owners of curry house that takes 25k a week on 40 covers, never happens! and of course, nobody has a massive mansion `back home` for if/when you get caught, never going to happen any way - Dear Mr ***, can you explain why your declared ``total ``` annual income for your restaurant is less than your total annual credit card receipts I have in front of me .. `` f**k off - you racist `` sorry to have bothered you Sir - NOT THAT I WOULD KNOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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