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  1. why - because business in this country can`t think outside the box - ie, clubs must and only be, for late teens/ early twenties getting [email protected] with money to burn (which is no longer true, and they get tanked up on Tesco`s cheap booze anyway before they go in)

    due to the popularity of Strictly Come Dancing etc, why not re-invent (some-how?) , the ballroom dance - (stop laughing, I`m serious),

    combine this with some-one giving dance lessons (structure) at the same time as a speed dating sort of thing going on (matronly drag queen types picking out couples to `dance` with each other)

    worth a try before you go bust?

  2. I think he'll fit in real well in OZ, the last place where people can still rip each other offwith overpriced properties. His timing seems to be perfect though, Oz seems to be just about to fall apart.

    ... no he/they will not, for the same reason people from Chiswick do not go to Butlins for their holidays - but if they stuck Centre Parks over the door, they would go

    they think the`re going to Centre Parks, but the reality is Butlins, Filey 1973

  3. I find the word "space" particularly irritating, in the context of "this is such a wonderful space", or "what a fantastic space" when they really just mean room...grrrrr

    ... "fastest growing....... **insert any term here**...." used by persons who think they are journalists rather than by persons who are..

  4. So here we are, we're rid those and almost voted for the other - who (to paraphrase Him I'd readily deem our laureate) were pretending it to be their idea all along.

    The Osberon (and his side-kick) have devilled the details in a package that targets unit-hour costs (lower wages and rents? who knew) alongside corporation tax, whilst adroitly lopping the tentacles off the state's "third way" chokehold on the productive.

    Marinading overnight in the seemingly bottomless liquidity of their antecedents (an average age of how young?) and brazing agin the fire of a weak currency regime, served with sides of rising protection and internecine squabblery this is pro-research, pro-enterprise, pro-productive and no-nonsense policy - and for those ultimately dependant on capturing inconceivably vast slices of the real, a reversal of the utmost necessity.

    But amidst the skein made good (for necessarily this demands those wrong be rightened, and vastly great their number be) who, which amongst us will transform the predictable, immeasurable, the lack of worsening into praise?

    The greatest threat the UK ever faced is the economic populism which dominated this term's next ending - and oh, how divisive it will be.

    `ashes and diamonds, foe and friends, we were all equal in the end..................................................................` que sax solo

  5. I can tell that I've become middle-aged, because I'm really looking forward to the emergency budget tomorrow*.

    Even though it's probably going to hurt in some way, but I shall doubtless get lots of vicarious pleasure from knowing that its going to hurt other people (BTLs esp.) a lot more!


    *the slippers and the cardigan are other give-aways.

    Gesangschweinenfreude ??

  6. Referring to the Civil Service, where about 75% of employees earn under £20k pa, & over 90% earn under £25 1/2k pa.

    Anyway, most of the reduced employee numbers in the Civil Service are due to people retiring/leaving & simply not being replaced. By getting the public/employers to file online themselves, has meant a huge reduction in the number of staff previously employed & required to do this work. HMRC has seen around a 30% reduction in staff numbers in the last 4/5 years !!

    leaving the other 70% to be on internet forums during `works time`..

  7. have just deleted and relisted their entire inventory on rightmove

    why ??

    does relisting property thats been on their books for more than two years `AT THE SAME F`ING PRICE` with `awaiting image` some-how

    makes it new,fresh and interesting - NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    why do these a`holes think people buying 500k + houses have no internet conection or any sort of long term memory ???

  8. Should all employers who pay minimum wage be forced to close the business down as they are a drain on the finances of our society?.

    While paying minimum wages to working adult people the government will have to subsidise the wages because they are not high enough for a married person to live on..

    Crap wages must cost this government a fortune and i don't think the employer who may be taking millions out of the company will ever want to increase them even though his profits might be rising year on year......Is it time to look at these cowboys?

    does this include Her Brittanic Majesties DWP staff ??

  9. 'They' passed a new law for themselves to cover their arses in that they cannot be held accountable for what they do whilst in public office.

    The ONLY way ordinary public (remember, those they promised to SERVE!) get their voice heard and let them know the true electorate feelings of disgust in their continued troughing, fraudulance and deceit is . . . . . . :ph34r:

    to stab them twice in the stomach?

  10. I am one of 5 children and I hope (honestly) that I do not inherit anything at all.

    My mum's apartment just outside Lisbon is probably worth about 120,000 Euros ???

    My husbands father & step-mothers house probably worth about 200k - would be split between 5 children

    My husbands mother & step-fathers house worth about 400k - would be split between 4 children

    Even as a young girl I knew that my parents owned quite alot of valuable gold pieces and my mother would occassionaly explain who would inherit whiich pieces when they passed away. I would advise my parents to sell it all when they were older and go on a world cruise or something....people should enjoy what they have worked for! My father passed away a few years ago, he never did go on that spending spree that I thought he should have gone on and now it's too late for him. I often tell my mum that she should cash it all in and spend it!! Life is to be enjoyed ad prefebably not at someone else's expense.

    I know a number of people who often talk about the money they stand to inherit and it honestly makes me feel sick. The irony is that those that do this are always the ones who don't appear to like their parents very much. Talk about twisted.

    leaving it to the grandkids in trust saves a lot of agro all round

  11. cheap supermarket beer killing pubs..

    so......... put the pub in the supermarket everybody wins !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    but seriously folks, have thought this for a long time, all the bigger supermarkets have cafes that ALL seem to close at 7.00pm if not earlier,

    hence is non-performing floorspace - turn this into a private pub type area (no kids) for the blokes while wifey shops in peace - whats not to like?

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