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  1. why - because business in this country can`t think outside the box - ie, clubs must and only be, for late teens/ early twenties getting [email protected] with money to burn (which is no longer true, and they get tanked up on Tesco`s cheap booze anyway before they go in) due to the popularity of Strictly Come Dancing etc, why not re-invent (some-how?) , the ballroom dance - (stop laughing, I`m serious), combine this with some-one giving dance lessons (structure) at the same time as a speed dating sort of thing going on (matronly drag queen types picking out couples to `dance` with each other) worth a try before you go bust?
  2. ... no he/they will not, for the same reason people from Chiswick do not go to Butlins for their holidays - but if they stuck Centre Parks over the door, they would go they think the`re going to Centre Parks, but the reality is Butlins, Filey 1973
  3. ..by losing 35% of your capital on forex in two years ?
  4. ... "fastest growing....... **insert any term here**...." used by persons who think they are journalists rather than by persons who are..
  5. `ashes and diamonds, foe and friends, we were all equal in the end..................................................................` que sax solo
  6. .. and I `ll raise you.... (**warning the following offer may cause you to die of laughter**) http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-25837303.html?premiumA=true
  7. leaving the other 70% to be on internet forums during `works time`..
  8. don`t estates in the UK have to be `settled` with-in a certain period of time - 1 year / 18 months ?? suppose this is not an issue if there is only one beneficiary, but if there are two or more and also inheritance tax issues, then what ? forced sale ?
  9. have just deleted and relisted their entire inventory on rightmove why ?? does relisting property thats been on their books for more than two years `AT THE SAME F`ING PRICE` with `awaiting image` some-how makes it new,fresh and interesting - NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why do these a`holes think people buying 500k + houses have no internet conection or any sort of long term memory ???
  10. park this in it..... http://www.tetonhomes.com/royal.htm job done !
  11. ... lovingly grown in its own plastic, straight to shelf, packet..
  12. alternatively, pay one person, two peoples wages to do three peoples jobs... everybody wins or as Aldi`s version, pay beautiful Polish ladies, NMW to do four peoples jobs..
  13. does this include Her Brittanic Majesties DWP staff ??
  14. .. not forgetting the fact that the freeholder will be paying 50% of non-domestic rates after three months of the property being vacant, hence, there are a lot of very desperate over leveraged commercial property owners out there apart from the ones that saw this coming years ago -
  15. leaving it to the grandkids in trust saves a lot of agro all round
  16. cheap supermarket beer killing pubs.. so......... put the pub in the supermarket everybody wins !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but seriously folks, have thought this for a long time, all the bigger supermarkets have cafes that ALL seem to close at 7.00pm if not earlier, hence is non-performing floorspace - turn this into a private pub type area (no kids) for the blokes while wifey shops in peace - whats not to like?
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