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  1. If pensioners are freezing to death, the unemployed must be cryogenicly stored somewhere ready for jobs in our growing economy.

    Pensioners who never saved have just got Winter fuel allowance and cold weather payments of £250-400 and £25pw come online. On top of £130 a week pension, full housing & council tax benefit and free travel.

    People like myself are getting by on £51.85 whilst looking for work.

    I spent £16 of my £51.85 of a bus pass to look for work. The buses stopped running. Of the £35 left I spend £20 on water gas & electric (the gas is there just to heat water for a bath every 2-3days and for cleaning).

    Fried egg and rice folks, breakfast and supper, everyday, leaves with just enough for a bit of coffee and tinned fruit.

    fugin luxury !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    smash mixed with econosave packet soup, crush in a poundland multi-vitimin tablet if your feeling flush, form into cakes - a weeks food for ~ £3.00 and you probably wont get scurvey or rickets if your lucky

  2. Indeed. How does such a 'sale' work, I wonder.

    Do I get the 'sale' price if I view the property during the week-end or only if I place an offer on that week-end?

    If the former then surely there would be a huge rush to view properties because now is such a brilliant time to buy :) ... NOT!

    If the later then surely even the EAs can't be dumb enough to think that there are enough mugs out there who are BOTH:

    * mug enough to pay over-the-odds for a depreciating asset AND

    * who are even dumber still, such that they would be prepared to view a property for the first time and place an offer all on the same week-end?

    If the greatest 'sale' ever lasted a month I might be more inclined to think it would even be at least statistically measurable (even at reductions in the 1 -> 3%). Statistically measurable and relevant are, of course, not the same thing.


    I would respectfully suggest that the `real` boss is on a three week holiday at the moment..

  3. My dad used to be an HM Inspector of Taxes (a special investigator) boo hiss I hear some say and he had access to all sorts of things like bank accounts which most people would be shocked to learn imo.

    He's even investigated many very very wealthy people as well and had access to swiss bank accounts even back in the 80's but he left mid 90's and does the same job as an accountant/tax advisor now in London (the other side as he puts it) even though he still keeps in touch with some on the inside.

    Cant provide links though as its all secret and he's bound but it goes without saying the HMRC computer system is hooked into more things that people realise.

    Putting aside the current screw ups with the new system, lets just say HMRC allow tax avoiders enough rope to hang themselves before they get pursued.

    Edit: I will add one thing, The BoE "works" for the Govt ie the Treasury, all banks are licenced by the Govt and are by law obliged to carry out the requests of the treasury and if anyone didnt know HMRC can even enter your house and search it without a search warrant as just one example of their powers which might be more common knowledge. ;)

    Heres some links might be enlightening.



    ie, what you spend at Makro....... ;)

  4. I'm about to buy a house (another story) and started getting builders quotes. The common story is now "Haven't got much work on that the moment, an interior job would be quite nice this time of year, it's a bit cold and wet outside.". But when it comes to the daily rate, they are still quoting prices that I was seeing at the top of the market. (Range is £180-£192 per day [cambs/suffolk border]).

    From my point of view, I didn't keep my powder dry during the boom times to blow it on peak-price builders when the tough times come.

    When work was tight back in 2003, I cut my rates in half to get work. The builders I've talked to so far don't seem to have grasped that concept. Two of the ones that I have recently seen have been doing up their own houses and run out of money due to lack of work, another one has come back from Ireland due to lack of work and is now unemployed. They still want me to pay day rates for big jobs at full price for as long as they want.

    Maybe its the same thing as house prices, nobody drops the price until they are forced into it.

    Looks like I'm going to be doing the bulk of the work myself, it's nothing particularly difficult but I'd rather have got someone else to do it more quickly than I could. (Oil tank replacement, wall/rafter insulation, plasterboarding ready for a proper plasterer to finish, re-tiling the roof of a single-storey outbuilding)

    advertise in your local polish deli for an extra pair hands, cash folding (do the ad in Polish, use bablefish!, keeps the chav chancers away) , you`ll get it done a lot quicker with a bit of help and save a torn muscle in your lower back

  5. My two pence worth:

    Just sitting in Cork Airport waiting to fly back to London and the death of the Celtic Tiger is all too evident, having spent a couple of days over here on business:

    - Housing developments which appear to be empty in a number of towns / villages, on route from Limerick to Cork.

    - Half built housing developments sat there with weeds growing everywhere.

    - Empty shops throughout Cork city centre.

    - Empty office deveoplements in the middle of nowhere (you know the ones, all glass and steel)

    - City centre flats in Cork and Limerick (buy one before you're priced out LOL) looking grey and decaying with sattelite dishes bolted onto balconies.

    - General "we're ******ed" attitude of people, and desperation over what is going to happen. There were two killings in Limerick and Cork, man and children, man and wife and children, apparent killings and then suicides.

    - People here also have no ******ing clue how Ireland can recover. They seem to think inf the 12.5% corporation tax goes (like French and Germans want) then it really is game over.

    Oh, and as well as the lack of flights back to London, there is currently a grand total of 12 people here, airside and that includes staff :blink:

    Ryanair`s must end by midnight yada yada yada offers, have had `constantly`for the last couple of months, available flights Scotland to Dublin for £6.00 TOTAL price including all the rip-off extras..

    `somebody` wants you to go and visit the Emerald Isle really, really badly

    State aid to airlines is illegal ?

  6. 3 years to break even! Mental! A 4 bed detached in Oxfordshire, what say £400k and above? Mental opportunity cost! I may be shooting off the hip here, but it sounds like your change in mindset was not enough. Still sounds like emotional attachment to a property (as a home). Which is fine, but I really do not see it as a non-emotional financial decision.

    p.s. do the rentiers go through your post?

    ie, your mortgage statement (standard, not btl..natch), that your Croatian postie missed on the redirection sort.....

  7. Is that a bit like dreaming of a small stream running through your garden for the modern man?

    I still get a thrill from the occasional really large lorry bumping over the Westway at night. My bed moves. Still, it will NEVER beat the tyre fire at the local bus depot by the canal. I love the smell of burning rubber in the morning :)

    I got an even bigger thrill on that self same elevated bit of the westway of having a single tyred wheel bouncing merryly directly towards me whilst I was doing 70mph on my motorbike - which was nice -

  8. Don't councils publish this somewhere? I do know a link was posted on here a while back.

    For instance I tried once to establish the HB room rent level for Havering and once found it. But not been successful since!

    set annual rents for housing benefit purposes (pro rata) at 10% max of the price the property was bought for, as this is a figure that can not be made up by anyone

  9. They tried to encircle the British in America too to stop our colonies expanding westwards.

    To be honest I think it's the only reason to maintain a nuclear deterrent.

    `Oi, keep your filthy (French) hands off our Écréhous ` in a Roger Waters stlyeee......

    and yes, to our Polish friends, Fuengirola 1810 is not forgotten!

  10. Did anybody just see Michael McIntyres comedy roadshow from Dublin just now?

    He had this comedian on called Andrew Lawrence who ended his routine with an absolute, bear faced, attack on the Baby boomer generation, blaming them for Gobal Warming, Financial Meltdown, Bubble priced houses.

    He pointed out how we in this young generation cannot afford a house, on leaving university with thousands of debts cannot get jobs because they won't retire etc. etc. He pointed out that they had cheap houses, free education etc etc

    Its nothing new for us on here, but to see it in comedy and out in the open with a performance like that was quite amazing....i reckon quite a few will have been left thinking....where did that come from! He was a great voice for an angered generation.

    If you didn't see it, I'd urge you to watch it on the iPlayer. He was the third guest on, so check out the second half of the show.



    yep, its not just 5 live and the Guardian plagiarizing directly this site now

  11. nigdy nie jest na pozno...

    To co sie obecnie dzieje na swiecie mozna tylko przetrawic przy odpowiednim nokturnie albo balladzie.

    Szopen jest jak Korzeniowski - niby miedzynarodowy, ale tak bardzo nasz.

    (sorry everyone for disrupting this topic - pay no attention unless you're Polish)

    the other day I tried to say thank you in Polish to the pretty checkout girlie in Aldi`s (yes there always pretty, and I can`t help feeling that they all have Phds in astro- physics for some reason, but thats by the by) anyway by the look I got, I won`t be doing that again!

  12. it's the west end, within a stone's throw of byres road. it's not mary hill, but it's estate agent bs should say "just off qm drive". it's overpriced by any sensible measure. if it made that price it wouldn't be a surprise. if it was 2006/2007 it would probably have made more than that quite easily. why any adult would want to live in studentville escapes me, the apeal of a brunch crepe is just not enough....

    this must be a real steal then..... handy for the golf course as well ... where`s my cheque book!


  13. Thanks.

    I think the main mistake most of these people make is that they still haven't got that it was a bubble. Really. That it was an unsustainable peak. That it was not "normal".

    They think the other way round. They think we are now in a temporary financial crisis, and at some point things will go "back to normal" - meaning 2007 prices.


    Unbelievable, I know.

    The main fault for this was the last government, that span this way. And the media, mainly the BBC, that peddled it too.

    Perhaps a big factor behind the people believing this spin is that they WANTED to believe in it (and still do). Many NEED to believe in it, as they have too much wrapped in it their house "value", even maybe a future "pension". Or many others that have high mortgages, and even negative equity. This may explain the "denial phase".

    Sad really.

    exactly, exactly, exactly x 1000000000000000000000000 - this is how any scam works, and why people really believe they have `won` the Spanish lottery

  14. Hi all,

    In contrast to the Beeb, Channel 4 news put together a good package last night, including a quote from PricedOut (which is nice to see).

    Watch the clip here

    There is another clip in which Faisal Islam gives some good analysis of a "monster drop"



    ah, the paradox of the proto marxist newsroom editors who `own` property - publish and be bankrupted, but Lord Snooty will get the blame so is it a price worth paying?

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