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  1. ..and the bypass is going where exactly.... beware of Vogons that look like little old ladies!
  2. fugin luxury !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! smash mixed with econosave packet soup, crush in a poundland multi-vitimin tablet if your feeling flush, form into cakes - a weeks food for ~ £3.00 and you probably wont get scurvey or rickets if your lucky
  3. I would respectfully suggest that the `real` boss is on a three week holiday at the moment..
  4. and sing.. actually I was looking for the Alexi Sayle bicycle factory version, but couldn`t find it!
  5. advertise in your local polish deli for an extra pair hands, cash folding (do the ad in Polish, use bablefish!, keeps the chav chancers away) , you`ll get it done a lot quicker with a bit of help and save a torn muscle in your lower back
  6. Ryanair`s must end by midnight yada yada yada offers, have had `constantly`for the last couple of months, available flights Scotland to Dublin for £6.00 TOTAL price including all the rip-off extras.. `somebody` wants you to go and visit the Emerald Isle really, really badly State aid to airlines is illegal ?
  7. edited for accuracy.. He said: “The industry has got to change its approach. The days of a house builder buying it, building it, not paying anybody,selling it and walking away are, I think, gone. old Pikeys never etc, etc..
  8. `Perth is not a mining town`...... er, FiFo`s !
  9. the Jeremy Vine show is always better when Jeremy Vine isn`t actually on it !
  10. no sale, no vendor fee`s to pay regardless ?????
  11. sideways slide...... not quite .... `dropped it down a notch and gave it a handful...` (one for the kids!)
  12. I got an even bigger thrill on that self same elevated bit of the westway of having a single tyred wheel bouncing merryly directly towards me whilst I was doing 70mph on my motorbike - which was nice -
  13. set annual rents for housing benefit purposes (pro rata) at 10% max of the price the property was bought for, as this is a figure that can not be made up by anyone
  14. `Oi, keep your filthy (French) hands off our Écréhous ` in a Roger Waters stlyeee...... and yes, to our Polish friends, Fuengirola 1810 is not forgotten!
  15. yep, its not just 5 live and the Guardian plagiarizing directly this site now
  16. the other day I tried to say thank you in Polish to the pretty checkout girlie in Aldi`s (yes there always pretty, and I can`t help feeling that they all have Phds in astro- physics for some reason, but thats by the by) anyway by the look I got, I won`t be doing that again!
  17. this must be a real steal then..... handy for the golf course as well ... where`s my cheque book! http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-17006757.html
  18. ah, the paradox of the proto marxist newsroom editors who `own` property - publish and be bankrupted, but Lord Snooty will get the blame so is it a price worth paying?
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