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  1. Still i expect the landlord who owns the chinese can hike the rent a bit more, until he puts them out of business, knowing full well he will pay ****** ALL RATES on an empty shop.

    Things MUST change.

    unnecessarily upsetting our friends from Fujian is not necessarily a good idea for the long term health prospects of the small time commercial property landlord

  2. What an apt thread - we are considering moving out to Basel - the wife has been approached by a pharma to manage trials out there. Rent is pretty expensive but the salaries are fantastic but as such i am struggling with not speaking French or German.

    If any of the Swiss expats have any advice on the transition from UK to Swiss life that would be great.

    Usual story of responsible UK citizens pissed off and subsidising the feckless.

    . never assume that the Schweizerdeutsch are or even like Germans or Germany

  3. That is quite exhalted company for Major.

    I happen to agree with you but he wasn't as charismaic as the others so his selfless desire to improve the lot of his people will probably not enjoy the same historical recognition as the others.

    I thought that you had to marry a Swiss national to live and work there, like the US. , has this changed? or was this never the case..

  4. Morrisons - for very very poor people

    Somerfield - for very poor people

    ASDA - for poor people

    Tesco - for average people

    Sainsbury - for above average people

    Waitrose - for those who think they are above average people

    M&S - for those who know they are above average people

    I'm an ASDA fan. Same food as Sainsbury - half the price

    Waitrose excellent food, cannot afford the car park

    I like Aldi`s................ for people who can think they can read German food labels (but can`t) and think a Slovenian accent is Polish

  5. I'd be interested to see how long the estate agents can hold out going along with sellers notions of value.

    I have access to all their accounts filed on companies house[/i]. Generally the accounts lag nine months to a year of the present time. However even in the relative uplands of the 2009/early 2010 market they were at worst losing money like Lehman or at best breaking even - and thats after losing between 1/3 and 1/2 of their staff.

    Bushells who has been crowing about the market in 2010 made £3,000 profit in 2009. I think he must have some very low expectations.

    Some estate agents have only kept technically solvent by valuing intangible assets on their balance sheets in 2008 :blink: (effectively the goodwill in the business - sort of future expectation of profit :D ) and even the asset boost from this questionable practice is pretty much running dry. Another year of this and even more estate agents will fold. In the area where I wait for some realism to kick in three of the eight have pulled out of Hexham or gone bust leaving an estimated £500,000 of gross revenue max to share between 5 - so thats roughly £100k each gross of VAT to pay rent (offices held freehold sold to make good losses), business rates, wages for a few staff, advertising, VAT, phones, insurance plus whatever they can cobble together from letting a few properties.

    One of them showed me round a house a little while ago and his suit was so threadbare it looked like a museam piece.

    So what will they do over the spring - God willing impress upon vendors still further that to sell they need to price to prevailing conditions.

    They need volume and they need to do something to encourage that - thats certainly the case in the North East

    the REAL accounts are always even more interesting..

  6. My link

    "Just over 7.2% of pupils in England attend private schools but make up over a quarter of the intake at the 25 most selective universities, and 46.6% at Oxford . . . However, research carried out for the government has shown that pupils from comprehensives are likely to do better at university than private or grammar school pupils with similar A-level results."

    But there are lots of talented kids whose parents can't / won't pay who will be pipped to the top places by richer thickies.

    Friend the other day: 'Lots of people can afford private school. It's as little as only six grand a year for one child, and even if it's more, people are prepared to go without just so their child gets the best education blah etc . . .'

    I'm getting sick of it of hearing this. But even sicker of myself to clinging on to my experience of private school being seemingly unaffordable to even the middle classes in the late 70's and 80's.

    Is it just low interest rates keeping these places going?

    if you went to a private school then you can only go to a private university... oh, thats already happened!

  7. You're right - London is the biggest bubble of the lot. London will fall as hard as anywhere else - history supports this (along with common sense).

    The sheeple believed the "house prices will never fall" bolux; they still believe the "London is different" mantra. One down, one to go.

    `trigger` maybe ... timer.. switches.....

  8. What I object to when shopping in the more downmarket shops is the smell. The poorer classes and less educated seem to have a characteristic odour about them that you do not find when you shop in Waitrose or M&S you know.*

    .. eau de council house damp/stale ciggy butt/piss/empty 1/4 tin of special brew... that`s the one, its a bit like

    living next to a busy railway line, you really don`t notice it yourself!

    that said I`ve done work in million pound + house where the owner kept the (full o`shite) cat litter tray by the FRONT door.. I really think that they thought that there was nothing

    wrong with this

  9. Come on then , lets hear what tunes you listened to in the 70's 80's and 90's that had personality and fun?

    Joe Dolce had loads of personality and fun , Joy Division had none. I'd suggest that the musical recordings of Ian Curtis are more listened to by todays youth than some bloke who had the audacity to release such drivel as shaddap your face.


  10. Glasgow - murder capital of europe

    suicide rate in Scotland is twice that of the rest of the UK

    what you save on a house gets eaten up by having to heat it for 11 months of the year

    weather -absolutely appaling

    public transport outside of main cities totally laughable

    no option but to own a car and pay the highest petrol prices in the UK

    midges eat you alive ,give me mozzies any day

    food - deep fried heart attack and more expensive due to additional transport costs

    life expectancy lower than the rest of the UK

    politics-to the left of Fidel Castro

    police-the most brutal basturts imaginable

    winter - 5 hrs of daylight

    and if that doesnt deter you can I just add

    fukk aff ya english cant, were so mean we wont even share our misery with you

    apart from that its pure magic

    house sellers who really, really believe they are going to sell the house they paid 115K for in 2006, for 225k in 2010

    new house builders who really, really, really believe they are going to sell a tiny 3 bed, timber frame house for 250k in 2010/11/12/13/14...........

    Scotrails ever accurate website

    the Scotsman`s property pages level of incisive journalism

    Jackie Bird thinks she has a divine right to do a new years eve show on the BBC

    STV news

    Paying to drop off at Edinburgh airport

    Judith Ralston`s mad hair

    pheasants that will throw themselves at your car and kill themselves

    the deer that will throw themselves through your windscreen and kill you

    Sunday park level of `professional` football

    and not forgeting the Scandinavian levels of road maintenance during the winter... NOT



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