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  1. Still i expect the landlord who owns the chinese can hike the rent a bit more, until he puts them out of business, knowing full well he will pay ****** ALL RATES on an empty shop. Things MUST change. unnecessarily upsetting our friends from Fujian is not necessarily a good idea for the long term health prospects of the small time commercial property landlord
  2. many, many years ago the Watford fans used to sing on the terraces in response to the Elton Johns a ***)(^%$£ [email protected]@ [email protected]$£%^^% etc etc `He may be kinky but he is not gay` I believe some of those self same fans went on to be Express copywriters..
  3. . never assume that the Schweizerdeutsch are or even like Germans or Germany
  4. I thought that you had to marry a Swiss national to live and work there, like the US. , has this changed? or was this never the case..
  5. I like Aldi`s................ for people who can think they can read German food labels (but can`t) and think a Slovenian accent is Polish
  6. I WANT MY DOG TRACK BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F~~KING properdee developers
  7. the REAL accounts are always even more interesting..
  8. ie, does the person who `pays` for private education does so, solely for altruistic reasons?
  9. sorry; posted just before your post - not meant to follow yours - it was a general question
  10. so will your children who you have bankrupted yourself to educate, pay for your care home bills ?
  11. if you went to a private school then you can only go to a private university... oh, thats already happened!
  12. `Watford` - Meriden Estate isn`t Watford more Watford (s)Heights..
  13. `trigger` maybe ... timer.. switches.....
  14. mmm...... this thread was started on Saturday....... Peter Hichens refers directly to this speech in his column in Sunday`s Mail on Sunday is Pete (praised be thy name) an HPC`er ??
  15. the job you see advertised is the job somebody else didn`t want..
  16. or all those 4/500k flats bought by people without the brains to realise that track maintenance work is done at 3.00 am!
  17. `the computer you want will always cost $1000`....
  18. .. doctors still fail in the search for Michael O`leary`s sense of decency....
  19. house sellers who really, really believe they are going to sell the house they paid 115K for in 2006, for 225k in 2010 new house builders who really, really, really believe they are going to sell a tiny 3 bed, timber frame house for 250k in 2010/11/12/13/14........... Scotrails ever accurate website the Scotsman`s property pages level of incisive journalism Jackie Bird thinks she has a divine right to do a new years eve show on the BBC STV news Paying to drop off at Edinburgh airport Judith Ralston`s mad hair pheasants that will throw themselves at your car and kill themselves the deer that will throw themselves through your windscreen and kill you Sunday park level of `professional` football and not forgeting the Scandinavian levels of road maintenance during the winter... NOT
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