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  1. i dont believe that should be the case though.

    if you dont like the pay of your job - quit.

    if you dont like the terms, if you dont like the people, if you dont like the hours - quit.

    you dont have to be there, and your job doesnt owe you anything.

    if good people keep quitting they will naturally be forced to improve pay and condiftions etc..

    some people actually believe that statement, please state a SINGLE example of a UK business where this is or has been true, because many of the good folks on this site can you give you thousands of examples where it isn`t !

  2. My last trip to a PC World was to get an aerosol-can of compressed-air and the meat-puppet at the till offered to sell me an extended warranty. I sh!t you not.

    one £12.00 an hour person with a brain is worth more to ANY business than three £6.00 an hour meat-puppets

    less with more is more .... more with less is more or less Dixons et al most of UK plc

  3. I love it, I go on holiday to unplug, I sit by the pool all day and read total crap, it takes no thinking about and that's what I enjoy for a week or two.

    With two adult kids (both in college so feck all earnings) No 'can I have' from them. Flippin bliss!

    I's great to have the budget sorted before you go, plus the exchange rate is truly dire.

    1980 + 18 - 2011 = 13 x 2 .. ish


  4. Great news. I'm also finding lots of price reductions in the Glasgow area, and this is before the public sector cuts start to hit. Excellent.

    I take it a non-scot wrote the title for this thread? Nobody from Scotland refers to themselves as from 'Jockoland'. But whatever, nice find :)

    its `chilly` jackoland actually, well not today though :)

  5. Because you get a tasty cornish pasty for a quid when you feel peckish in town.


    I beg to differ.

    I am of the persuasion that, cold pasty bad, hot pasty good

    a Greggs` pasty is neither, which although is a physical impossibility, Greggs somehow ALWAYS manage to do it

    so, question for the tax lawyers, are Greggs not really hot pastys VAT rated as hot take away food should be, or are they really cold for tax purposes as a hot loaf of bread just out of the oven supposidly is

  6. “Vendors instruct estate agents to achieve the ‘maximum sale value of their home’ – that is part of the estate agents job. Estate agents compete with each other for instructions by promising to maximise sale value.”

    ...and when too many agents compete for a limited supply of property to sell (regardless of actual demand to buy those properties) they are more or less forced to inflate the value of the property to secure the instruction. This much we know. But is it bad for the consumer?

    It’s obviously bad if you’re trying to buy a house, forced as you are to pay as much money as possible by the agent – that is part of the estate agents job. But perhaps it’s also bad for the seller? They will in all likelihood soon be a buyer, who will then themselves be forced to pay as much money as possible for their next house, and so on. In other words when business is slow and instructions hard to come by, there’s an inflationary force that acts in the market that does not have to with supply and demand in the housing market itself, but supply and demand in the estate agency business. A row of shops on the high street selling the same product should mean competition between them drives prices down, except where those shops happen to be estate agencies. The worst of it is the more reputable and professional will suffer sharing their more pessimistic analysis of the market and their ability to sell property at a given price, meaning they are less likely to have anything to sell at all.

    How much of an effect is this having?

    no stamp duty for houses sold privately !

    `We say it here, it comes out there` - Broadcast News ;)

  7. The small print in the box by the article is a shocker - the rent was set at £1050 a week but it became £2000 a week when the benefit claimants moved in - the maximum allowed under the rules. So Brent council no doubt thought great, let's get them off our books by shunting them somewhere else, and the landlord no doubt thought fantastic, Christmas has come early - this year and every year. Even if they end up trashing it that's an extra £950 a week in rent, so £90,000 a year extra for the LL. That'll cover some redecorating later, in a tax-exempt sinking fund.

    Shame the Wail don't mention who really benefits from this - phuqing landlords laughing all the way to the bank.

    .. until the day the housing benefit claim is shown to be fraudulent in court and THEY have to pay ALL that lovely income back

    of course this never happens due to the absolute self evident inherent honesty of everybody who makes a housing benefit claim

  8. instead of paying £200+ quid (fitted) for a new tv ariel, I bought for £50.00 in Aldi, on special clearance, a freesat HD box and dish

    fitted it myself, works perfect and unlike Sky, you can completely remove all the rubbish chanels you don`t want

    all for the price of one months sky hd subscription

  9. But that's just HPC banter. What do you mean by "Where was the BBC..."?

    "Where" in what sense?

    "Where" do you expect them to be?

    And in any case, what are you talking about when you refer to "the BBC"? What percentage of their output was dealing with buy-to-let landlords? Let me guess. Something around 0.01%??

    But because, like most people on this forum, you are probably inexplicably obsessed by property ownership, you see everything you see or hear on the BBC through that filter of prejudice.

    The idea that the BBC "promotes" buy-to-let property ownership as some sort of central philosophy, to be drip-fed to the masses in an attempt to mould the national groupthink is typical of the paranoid I-am-powerless psyche of this website.

    Ah - fair enough -- you are BNP or an anarchist? I understand your position. I would also hate the BBC if I was so marginalised. But I'm not. I am in the political mainstream, like 94% of BBC c consumers.

    not watching a lot of your colleagues daytime output are you...

  10. I'm going to re-reply to this less sarcastically as it occurred to me that you might not be trolling and that this is actually a genuine question.

    The short answer is convenience. In the same way that a company might buy in any other service, it saves time to lift up the phone, speak to a call centre monkey, get the facility and move on with making profit from my core business activities.

    If I lend the money to the company myself then I have a whole load of administrative tasks to do and to get the accounts team to do at a time that we are busy with important projects. This is a distraction.

    However, like any other service, I expect value for money and I like to feel I'm not being ripped off. If I am being ripped off I will go out of my way to deprive the company doing the ripping off of business.

    A bank lending you your own money at interest is ripping you off. Why the hell would anyone want to buy that service?

    don`t draw a salary for a couple of months, same difference?

  11. This growing group think that is getting around these days was the kind of sentiment held by supporters Pauline Hanson's old One Nation Party, It is also based on "Xenophobia"a special form of which is skewed towards Asians and the Orientals with their sinister ambitions that will result in our ruinaition. I am witnessing this view as becoming a recurring theme and disguised as some form of national protectinism and we all know where that ends up .

    Lets hope the Hansonites do not prevail.

    24 Abrahams tanks and three angry dingos verses the screaming hordes from the north, `she`ll be right..` NOT!

  12. Not the race card, if it was Russian, it would be equally as worrying. The issue is that Australia is aligned with the USA as far as military matters go, but becoming increasingly dependent on China for for far too much of the economy. Whats plan B? if China starts putting its weight about. Selling off prime food producing land is against the long term national interest, thats not hard to work out.

    er actually, Indonesia and its 200 million people is how far away ...

    whats the muslim word for lebensraum ?

  13. I didn't realise my avatar was smoking a spliff until somebody here pointed it out ..i thought he had a broken Malboro light or a funny shaped roll up.

    I think weed is a lot more harmful to the individual than the popular opinion pretends. The weed ban is just another example of government awfulness, though

    `t`is a finely rolled spliff Amish`

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