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  1. one £12.00 an hour person with a brain is worth more to ANY business than three £6.00 an hour meat-puppets less with more is more .... more with less is more or less Dixons et al most of UK plc
  2. 1980 + 18 - 2011 = 13 x 2 .. ish ???????????????????????????
  3. sadly yes, living in the land of chocolate where everybody has diabetes
  4. its `chilly` jackoland actually, well not today though
  5. er.......................................................... I beg to differ. I am of the persuasion that, cold pasty bad, hot pasty good a Greggs` pasty is neither, which although is a physical impossibility, Greggs somehow ALWAYS manage to do it so, question for the tax lawyers, are Greggs not really hot pastys VAT rated as hot take away food should be, or are they really cold for tax purposes as a hot loaf of bread just out of the oven supposidly is
  6. no stamp duty for houses sold privately ! `We say it here, it comes out there` - Broadcast News
  7. the absolute answer to everything is the following...... every tennant of every property, domestic AND commercial, has the legal right, once a year, to purchase outright the property they rent for ten times the annual rent paid in the previous year
  8. and finding that you can`t get thru the bars at the end and have to go back to your cell.. slowly (Gordon Brown`s directors cut ending)
  9. .. until the day the housing benefit claim is shown to be fraudulent in court and THEY have to pay ALL that lovely income back of course this never happens due to the absolute self evident inherent honesty of everybody who makes a housing benefit claim
  10. instead of paying £200+ quid (fitted) for a new tv ariel, I bought for £50.00 in Aldi, on special clearance, a freesat HD box and dish fitted it myself, works perfect and unlike Sky, you can completely remove all the rubbish chanels you don`t want all for the price of one months sky hd subscription
  11. `so farewell then Daily Excess, you weren`t very good.. Horaah for the Blackshirts that was your catchphrase um, er no it wasn`t` E J Thribb
  12. don`t draw a salary for a couple of months, same difference?
  13. 24 Abrahams tanks and three angry dingos verses the screaming hordes from the north, `she`ll be right..` NOT!
  14. er actually, Indonesia and its 200 million people is how far away ... whats the muslim word for lebensraum ?
  15. `you might not get paid, but you never forget`
  16. Mr Neil, whoever told you that your hair dye job looked natural was lying!
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