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  1. Formerly Unemployed Youth, you have to be a subscriber to read the AJ article ;0)

    Conservative leader David Cameron has branded the government's controversial plans to bulldoze thousands of Victorian and Edwardian houses across northern England as 'baffling' and 'unpopular'.

    Cameron was speaking during a visit to Merseyside where swathes of terraced homes, including those in the Edge Lane area of Liverpool (AJ 16/2/06), are due to be demolished as part of the deputy prime minister's contentious Pathfinder Programme.

    The Tory leader's remarks will be welcomed by a growing number of conservations and local resident groups which are vehemently opposed to plans to flatten 400,000 buildings under the government's Housing Market Renewal Initiative.

    Cameron said: 'There is no snap judgement here, but it is quite baffling.

    '[Pathfinder] is very inflexible, planning to destroy even though those houses are now going up in value.'

    He added: 'The government needs to seriously stop and think about where it could refurbish and where it should demolish.

    'It is quite inflexible, expensive and unpopular with local people.'

    Cameron was joined on his tour by Michael Heseltine, who has recently been appointed to lead a new Cities Task Force in a bid to dispel the Tories' image as the 'party of the leafy suburbs'.

    The former deputy prime minister said: 'Instead of areas from which a large number of people are trying to get out because the schools aren't good enough, because the housing isn't good enough, we have to make them competitive with those leafy suburbs to which people go.'

    by Riccockroachesquote]

    .. crockcroaches can live for 10 days with their head cut off...

  2. It's good at least that they find websites like these. Must be getting real hard to ignore the truth now. Ok it's now several years after it would have been proactively useful of the mainstream media to have been cognisent of the dangers of HPC and the inevitable collapse. Back in the day, any such talk would literally have been laughed out of the room of course by these sage noteworthies.

    ``it's the same each time with progress. First they ignore you, then they say you're mad, then dangerous, then there's a pause and then you can't find anyone who disagrees with you``

    .,Viscount Stansgate

    .... I know its a cliche but worth repeating again never the less...

  3. Just can`t make that channel out. :unsure:

    ... quite simple really, my enemies enemy et al

    eg , tonight ...Serbia `wants` to join the EU , away from the cradlling arms of mother Russia

    hence big spiel about the collapse of the Euro and a special guest star apperance of a scouse UKIP mep

    and in other news.....

    how to spot a public service broadcaster employee poster on an internet forum?

    simple ... the post they have replied to and argued `against` will appear as their own work on air the next day

  4. I used to earn very good wages and I along with most of the people I worked with spent it .

    I had new cars, holidays , clothes , meals out 3 or 4 times a week , bills were paid by DD without even checking how much they were .

    I now earn about a third of what I used to earn and traded down my house to a small flat to be mortgage free. The car is 7 years old this September and I will be using my accured holiday pay ( work for an agency ) to pay the tax, mot and insurance .

    A new car is now a pipe dream . Will take a cheap holiday to stay with friends in Spain . Apart from socks or pants I have no interest in new clothes, have bought nothing for the house in years . I don't drink but smoke and that is somthing that i must now cut down or give up as the price is nuts.

    I do still eat out quite a bit as I fking hate cooking , but the meals are cheaper than before you can get some good deals.

    Went for a cheap lunch with an ex work mate last week , in the old days we spoke about football , sex, holidays , how much the house was worth ect . Last week he was giving me money saving tips and told me I was a lazy c--t for having a clothes drier and told me to get a clothes horse to do the drying and save a few quid on the electricty.

    Today I changed my phone contract and saved £20 p.m. and sadley canceled two standing orders to charitys that I have been doing for years . Oh how times have changed.

    ,,, some people did this the other way round

  5. There were dozens of illegal Brits on the island in the windies we lived on (which I will not name so do not bother to PM me) and when I visited California towards the end of the 90s recession in 94, I was told by a US INS colleague (I was UK immigration officer then) that there were an estimated 10,000 illegal Brits working behind the bars and eateries of Santa Monica alone.

    Thousands of Brits are illegally bumming around or working in Oz, NZ, Canada, Florida and so on. When I worked at Heathrow we used to be informed by the airlines of Brit deportees being flown back in advance, and we used to point them out to Special Branch for a "little chat in a side room" to try to find out if they had been up to anything overly naughty.

    If only we could export all our scrounging feckless crimino-chavs and replace them with hard working honest foreigners, all our problems would be solved.

    .... watching the girlies on roller blades dancing on Santa Monica Boulevard to Ice Ice Baby... finding out that `Jolt Cola wasn`t an urban myth and finding out why the cop cars had `tills` in them..... ah happy days

  6. Most physical paper shares got transferred over to the Crest system several years ago, so I assume that you've had yours for a few years now.

    Are Compushare charging you £80 'indemnity admin charge' to create a new cert., or to transfer your shares over to Crest?

    Have you talked to your broker yet? What did they say?

    thanks for the response

    don`t have a broker, but believe the fee was to create a new cert,

  7. question, any help greatfully received

    I have a very small holding in Kesa Group (Comet), but have physically lost the share certificate, however Compushare have all my correct details..

    they will sell my shares for me no problem, however they will charge me a large indemnity fee ~ £80.00 to do so as I don`t have the certificate..

    so, ``If``` Kesa get taken over (by some very silly people with other peoples money to flush down the toilet, but thats another story), what actually happens to my shares...

    will I just get sent a `cheque in the post` (hopefully!) or is there more to it than that ??


  8. In Australia, a supposedly first world nation with the lowest population density on earth yet the highest house prices (WTF), if you rent you are most definitely second class.

    Landlords consistently claim that tenants have more rights than they do but that is absolute tosh. Tosh I say.

    My landlady lets herself into my flat every Friday and there isn't a damn thing I can do about it. Funny thing is that nor can she say anything about a few things she has a right to be cranky about but she can get F***ked as to raise them would be to admit opening my cupboards (which she has done).

    But yeah, in Oz you are classed as "tattooed (quilty as charged my lord) scum" if you rent. Nice attitude to your customer :rolleyes:

    do cashed up bogans buy or rent ??

  9. This sort of thing reminds me of Woody Allen, when asked if he had ever taken a serious political stance on an issue, replying: "I once refused to eat grapes for twenty four hours".

    Money dictates its own rules. People who take "moral stances", forgoing money to which they are legally entitled, often regret them later in life, especially when they realise the accumulated money is going to go on to their own children (minus the ever compounding 'wodge' that they gave up for moral reasons). We follow God or Mammon. Until fully ready to go the whole hog on the barefoot, celibate saint thing, it's probably best not to mix the two things up.

    but Karma will always follow us..

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