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  1. emigrate to highland Scotland .... its New Zealand without the volcanos
  2. there are usually some very good reasons why the romans/vikings/ normans /elizabethans/victorians et al didn`t build their homes where they didn`t (poor English, but you know what I mean).... but, for example if you`re Barratts you can just tip a load of hardcore over an underground stream system, build on it, and run away very fast
  3. .... .. but he does like the smell of his own farts.....
  4. and 1970s things in general in the UK were great oh dear............................................
  5. ``it's the same each time with progress. First they ignore you, then they say you're mad, then dangerous, then there's a pause and then you can't find anyone who disagrees with you`` .,Viscount Stansgate .... I know its a cliche but worth repeating again never the less...
  6. ... quite simple really, my enemies enemy et al eg , tonight ...Serbia `wants` to join the EU , away from the cradlling arms of mother Russia hence big spiel about the collapse of the Euro and a special guest star apperance of a scouse UKIP mep and in other news..... how to spot a public service broadcaster employee poster on an internet forum? simple ... the post they have replied to and argued `against` will appear as their own work on air the next day
  7. http://www.westmorland.com/farm-shop-1 why shop anywhere else! apart from the fact that its a million miles from anywhere and there is only one of them and its very, very expensive ho hum,
  8. .... watching the girlies on roller blades dancing on Santa Monica Boulevard to Ice Ice Baby... finding out that `Jolt Cola wasn`t an urban myth and finding out why the cop cars had `tills` in them..... ah happy days
  9. thanks for the response don`t have a broker, but believe the fee was to create a new cert,
  10. question, any help greatfully received I have a very small holding in Kesa Group (Comet), but have physically lost the share certificate, however Compushare have all my correct details.. they will sell my shares for me no problem, however they will charge me a large indemnity fee ~ £80.00 to do so as I don`t have the certificate.. so, ``If``` Kesa get taken over (by some very silly people with other peoples money to flush down the toilet, but thats another story), what actually happens to my shares... will I just get sent a `cheque in the post` (hopefully!) or is there more to it than that ?? ..
  11. only little people pay for land... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Right_of_conquest
  12. ..and another thing, best neighbours the elderly rellies (sp?) ever had was when the local bikey gang moved in next next, strange but true
  13. then they said it was their idea in the first place - Viscount Stansgate ~ (ish)
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