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  1. sings ` let me take you by the hand, and lead you to the jobcentres of Scotland and I`ll show you an ecconomy thats going to slowly die............` 5.73 an hour does not a 225K newbuild buy!
  2. interestingly enough in the Scotman`s TV pages last week was a review piece of all the progammes about property and how incredibly passe` they were all now given the current climate etc etc - this little article said more truth about about the Scottish property market than i`ve read in the property section of the Scotsman in the last two years I used to think Helen Mcluscty or what-ever her name is was so bad it was funny, now, as per other posts, this mis-information needs a writ.. :angry:
  3. would politely point out to this poster and to an awful lot of others on this site the `Rightmove` is not the font of all wisdom of things property price wise as private sales listed on the internet but not through estate agents are not on it!
  4. Julie Covingnton - best Evita ever - Page/Mad Madge - n`aah
  5. quote`My guess is that he is a sleeper from the Soviet era who has been triggered by Putin to bring down capitalism. ` sometimes posters are closer to the truth than they realise....
  6. .....two year degree courses !!!!! everybody wins then again ... students and lecturers would have to work for 48 weeks a year.... LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE !!!!!!
  7. some builders do there own accounts on their pc`s at nightime..... some accountants do their own brickwork... er not.... in the peasants revolt - the `professions` were first to have thier insides ripped out ..
  8. who is the real criminal, he who robs the bank, or he who bankrupts it (with appologies to Brecht..)
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