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  1. http://www.morningstaronline.co.uk/index.p...and_of_brothers

    "Financial support from that quarter was negligible, and I had the feeling that people in high places were washing their hands of the whole business. I began to wonder how our leaders would have reacted under Hitler had they been leaders in the German labour movement ... I had more support from Ted Heath than I had from the Labour leaders." :blink:

    .... Ted Heath, rabid homosexual Tory many years before it became fashionable.......

    (still, and forever will be vilified by all true keepers of the flame of Albion)

  2. Is that sarcasm, please tell me it is and that this isn't govt advice?

    If your being serious how does one turn up at the bank and present a business case for them lending you money to pay your tax bill?

    Anyone on here resorting to this intelligent method to pay off your tax debt.

    yes - don`t make a profit - no tax to pay - isn`t this what everybody does ????

  3. Surely though, knowing what is going to happen and why, gives us an edge. We should be able to take advantage by setting up businesses that thrive in a recession/depression, investing in things that will keep their value in deflation or surge with inflation.

    Instead all I see is -

    . don't invest in property, currencies or equities, there are all going to collapse;

    . gold and silver - you've missed the boat;

    . all businesses are doomed or will degrade with more competition.

    etc. etc.

    Its so frustrating. If people do have cunning plans to get through the difficult times ahead they seem to be keeping quiet, or don't post on HPC.

    .... ok, here`s one...

    buy a field

    put a load of containers (the big ones that go on ships) in it, lots going cheap at mo,

    let people run businesses out of the containers

    ie - ultra low cost units for people who don`t want to (or can`t ;) ) commit to bricks and motar...

    no business rates etc etc cause the accomodation is moveable

    mobile phone + little generator + porta loo at the bottom of the field and your away!

    every one wins...

  4. Agreed, but there always seems to be a steady trickle of would-be retailers, with a bit of cash from somewhere, who think their projected business will be a winner. I'm not, incidentally, in any way referring the the OP here.

    Having owned a retail business, I notice shop vacancies and new retailers in my area. I see businesses starting up which have not the slightest chance of succeeding from day one.

    I'd like a fiver for every woman I've known who is convinced she's got the 'flair', or 'style sense' or 'the touch' to sell female fashion. Notwithstanding that there are major fashion chains within a mile or two. Then she's surprised why the couple of dozen dresses that comprise her 'stock' don't bring customers through her door. Did anyone ever meet a lady who would say 'I have absolutely no sense of style or fashion whatever..'? I haven't.

    I've met a guy who bought a pub without ever spending an evening in it prior to buying.

    I've never met a new small retailer who has checked the trade directories to see what businesses have occupied his chosen street in the last five years, and how long those businesses lasted.

    I've met 'retailers' who did no homework on the competition in their catchment area, the likely footfall on their patch, and the parking available in a culture where walking more than 50 yrds to a shop is unacceptable.

    I've seen plenty of businesses where the interior lighting actually discourages you from going in, and many whose display window potential goes completely unused. Half a dozen uninteresting items and a dead wasp.

    I've seen bizarre and erratic opening hours (especially after the first 'honeymoon' fortnight of trading), and windows where nothing is priced. The assumption being the goods are so alluring you will rush in regardless.

    Many's the small shop I've seen full of useless junk from Thailand or Morocco which tells me the owner had a holiday abroad, saw these items were cheap locally, decided to import them - and never considered whether anyone would actually want them.

    And we all have wondered why someone's opened another sandwich bar/coffee house in a street where eight similar places are competing for diminishing business.

    And lastly, we've all seen the 'business' unconsciously predicated on the basis of 'it will give my wife, girlfriend, partner something to do', and then rationalised into ' it's a real business opportunity!' or 'we're filling a niche in the market'. Another version is opening a business because, frankly, one is bloody useless at any of the usual career routes.

    Commercial landlords thrive on a steady supply of the lazy, the deluded and the dreamers. Especially those with redundancy money. Landlords are the plump spider at the centre of the web...

    Bit of a rant.. but that's a bit of what I see around me. In this slaughterhouse of an economy, the fallout rate of these enterprises is rightly increasing weekly. Not that it matters much, other than one more person having had a painful lesson.

    Most won't have learned anything. They'll say 'The credit crunch was to blame..'.

    Yeah, right....

    Rant over...

    this is `Bridge of Allan` Stirlingshire and I claim my £5.00............................

  5. ....fix for 5 years.....

    and in five years.........

    what will interest rates be ... 3% DREAM ON.....

    what will your community charge be ?????????? Trams and housing benefit gotta be paid for by someone!

    factoring charges .... well they couldn`t possibly quadruple .... er wrong!

    If you really want a flat, for gawds sake RENT ONE FIRST, as your dreams will soon be replaced with some very brutal realities ..

  6. Maybe it's just me but Premier Inn cannot be booked online for longer than 9 consecutive nights.

    Travelodge cannot be booked online for longer than 29 consecutive nights.

    This means you have to be prepared to move every so often.

    to another room ??

  7. EDIT: I'd make sure you have found somewhere similarly nice and a lot cheaper that you could move to before threatening to leave.

    er .....wrong

    Premier Inn family room = 1650 a month

    yellow box storage = 150 a month

    accomodation address = 15 a month

    plus you save on ..... no council tax, electricity, water etc, etc..... `FREE wi-Fi`

    so still less than what is being paid in rent

  8. reasons to be cheerful... never ask for the collective wisdom of HPC questions you don`t really want the answer to..

    1 - girlfriend

    2 - girlfriend with cat

    3 - girlfriend with sick cats vets bills

    4 - pregnant girlfriend with sick cats vets bills

    5 - pregnant girlfriend needs `garden` for sick cat

    6 - pregnant girlfriend leaves for new `friend` who is also a vet and has a garden

    7 - ?

    please continue

  9. big problem for the builders here is that the `estate` isn`t finished, yet there are (lots!) of people now trying to sell their property already, so who is going to pay full price for a property when a one/two year old one is £100,000 less ??

    noticed that one of the agents boards this week had a bright pink anarcist `A` graffitti sprayed on it... always a good sign of an up and coming area....

  10. Our local pub is privately owned and is a great drinking pub and has a Thai restaurant tacked onto it .They seem absolutley clueless as to the recession and how to drum up business , They have 3 staff on every night and pay a fixed rent to the publican , what they dont get it that they wont get any regular trade as I dont mind a Thai meal once in a while but occassionaly I just fancy some pub grub ( homemade pie accompanied with a pint ) when me and the missus are late back from work ,

    I think they are so missing a trick as the other pub in the village is all fancy french food that was full of perma tanned mewers that were paying £100 per couple even a steak is £20 +



    Both pubs are down on food sales and you feel you need to spell it out to both of them in ten foot high letters on a banner " there is a receession on " Th e thai boys were moaning that they were not getting enough customers walk through the door , so do something about it then !

    It will be interesting to watch and see as both will end up either changing or going down the pan , it would seem denial is alive and kicking in the resaurant trade as well as the housing market

    `not alowed in the Bedford Arms then.................` :lol:

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