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  1. Sotogrande commuter ??? this site gets more like britishexpats.com everyday!
  2. .... Ted Heath, rabid homosexual Tory many years before it became fashionable....... (still, and forever will be vilified by all true keepers of the flame of Albion)
  3. this has just been mentioned for 10 seconds - 22 minutes into the BBC 6 o`clock news ..... not important then according to the BBC
  4. yes - don`t make a profit - no tax to pay - isn`t this what everybody does ????
  5. .... ok, here`s one... buy a field put a load of containers (the big ones that go on ships) in it, lots going cheap at mo, let people run businesses out of the containers ie - ultra low cost units for people who don`t want to (or can`t ) commit to bricks and motar... no business rates etc etc cause the accomodation is moveable mobile phone + little generator + porta loo at the bottom of the field and your away! every one wins...
  6. and another thing................ ` because I was self-employed, I was entitled to nothing..........` THEN YOU GET A JOB IN McDONALD`S (FOR A DAY) BEFORE YOU CLAIM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. always remember to sign off (for a day) the day before your `first` six months on JSA are up, then sign back on again..............
  8. this is `Bridge of Allan` Stirlingshire and I claim my £5.00............................
  9. viewing this current adminstration as the distilled essence of all things foul/cancerous/putrid fetid and evil... as you do ... making commercial property landlords pay full business rates on empty property was a very surprisingly nice thing to do, NEVER, EVER RUN A BUSINESS FROM A RENTED PROPERTY - t`is true
  10. usual PR ball ox from Redrow but in this case demonstable b.s. please visit Redrow`s Auberuthen site near Perth and gaze upon an entire site of fully finished but un-sold 4/5 bed family homes (of which they speak) empty for nearly a year now....
  11. Chicken Cottage bar-b-que lamb ribs the English version of Fugo Fish very rarely available and given the usual hygiene standards of Chicken Cottage very often known to be fatal, but thems is tasty..
  12. I`d like lots of lovely Norwegian Krona...but it appears that you have to be resident in Norway to open an account in a bank in order to bank in Krona, or do you? are there any Norwegian retail banks in the UK that google doesn`t seem to know about ?
  13. ....fix for 5 years..... and in five years......... what will interest rates be ... 3% DREAM ON..... what will your community charge be ?????????? Trams and housing benefit gotta be paid for by someone! factoring charges .... well they couldn`t possibly quadruple .... er wrong! If you really want a flat, for gawds sake RENT ONE FIRST, as your dreams will soon be replaced with some very brutal realities ..
  14. QUESTION ... a private residential property is liable for community charge at 100% after being empty for six months... thus, is this true for new builds ??? ie, near me there are lots of lovely (sic.) new builds which have been completed (even turfed the front lawns!) which are just sitting unloved and not bought approaching a year now... are they paying community charge ??
  15. EDIT: I'd make sure you have found somewhere similarly nice and a lot cheaper that you could move to before threatening to leave. er .....wrong Premier Inn family room = 1650 a month yellow box storage = 150 a month accomodation address = 15 a month plus you save on ..... no council tax, electricity, water etc, etc..... `FREE wi-Fi` so still less than what is being paid in rent
  16. ... cartel of the Scottish proffessions, they still don`t get it, what is selling at any price? NOTHING !!!!!!
  17. reasons to be cheerful... never ask for the collective wisdom of HPC questions you don`t really want the answer to.. 1 - girlfriend 2 - girlfriend with cat 3 - girlfriend with sick cats vets bills 4 - pregnant girlfriend with sick cats vets bills 5 - pregnant girlfriend needs `garden` for sick cat 6 - pregnant girlfriend leaves for new `friend` who is also a vet and has a garden 7 - ? please continue
  18. sorry but you really do not understand the demographic here cashed up very senior city types on 6 figure salaries.... `quiet` real in the bank and not borrowed money has, and always will live here and here abouts.... ie, if you have money and don`t want anybody to know about it you live in Chorleywood.... it is a VERY long way from Essex!
  19. if they lose Kate Silverton then the war really is lost........................
  20. big problem for the builders here is that the `estate` isn`t finished, yet there are (lots!) of people now trying to sell their property already, so who is going to pay full price for a property when a one/two year old one is £100,000 less ?? noticed that one of the agents boards this week had a bright pink anarcist `A` graffitti sprayed on it... always a good sign of an up and coming area....
  21. had the `pleasure` of viewing this early last year when was unfinnished and waiting for a buyer to pay £236,000 for it oh dear............................ http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...s%26index%3D140
  22. `not alowed in the Bedford Arms then.................`
  23. er, not quite, I mean Scotland`s entire soon to be, if not already, made redundant middle class,
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