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  2. ..... four years waiting (various flafferings) for aus pr visas and then £1 = aus$ 1.74 if there is a God, he is a very cruel God...... :angry:
  3. went to site above - right clicked on mircosoft translater - and i can read, in real time a french forum in English - didn`t know this was possible ! wow ! - i`ve learnt something today
  4. ..... so long and thanks for all the equity (and fish)
  5. ``` I think he meant the energy cert is the only thing you can't do yourself``` cut and paste the jpeg from the ad for another similiar house in your street !! (also works for the rest of the hip !!!!!!!!!)
  6. ..... has been much predicted for many years (by me) but for some reason never actually happened, the death of sky ie, why do people pay £47.00 a month to watch the one game a month involving their team, when they could watch this game down the pub for the price of a pint, perhaps next year when the masses have to choose between food and their sky subs, sky will die and all who sail in her
  7. `what have the anglo saxons ever done for us`.............................. said in best Graham Chapman accent apart from turning a bunch of nothing into a first world nation from scratch......
  8. see the northern lights and also drive across the desert states of the US whilst listening to `new` country music, if AL Tuna is a real place, perhaps it should be visited once in a lifetime, or not?
  9. ... washing machine in the `living room` ``whats not to like..``
  10. if this was in the middle of London it would still be a p'SS take, as it is, its in The Arsend of Nowhere, Scotland and is is perhaps the reason why this website should exist.... http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...x%3D65%26y%3D14
  11. and... don`t ........ look at, sit near or for god`s even `think of` using the phones !!!!!!!
  12. and I cannot ever envisage the need to exact revenge. go into any and I mean any Tesco in the UK and you will find without fail the price of the small bottles 150ml of shampoo under the larger 300ml bottles of shampoo :angry: also check out the large price point of sales on the fruit, they apply to the item ABOVE them, not the (more expensive) items that are below but you think it applys to
  13. in a similar vein.. `I` storm out of restaurants after having sat down and realized that its all toooo expensive on the menu, this is particularly true when the offer on an extree big sign on the outside is only available between 12.01 and 12.03 when there is a z in the month, when you get inside..
  14. wrong wrong wrong and wrong with a large dollop of wrongness with wrong sprinkles fact - BUILDINGS can not move - people can/do and I am still officially `dead` 19 years on ..............
  15. ironic statement of someone with a `Young Ones` frame of reference.....
  16. 78p cups of Mcdonalds coffee..... 1.17 in the UK Alternatively.... wait round the bins till someone throws their cup away, nobody seems to collect the stickers on them which gives you a free cup - do this 6 times - usuallly whilst using their free wi-fi - get free coffee `Thatchers Britain`.......
  17. . Like NI there is no fundamental support for high house prices in Scotland - the days of the wealthy London incomers are over more or less - and wages are low. Keep hoping for the best and don't let the trolls put you off. nope, were still here, just waiting.............
  18. there is a bigger point being missed here, why do people have to spend (and then some ..) everything they earn to achieve a status they equate to their income ??
  19. Dante`s missing circle of hell is the returns counter at UREA ... (its cheap, because its shite)
  20. or perhaps flat pack coffins the guy that can do a funeral for £400 instead of £4000, is going to make to a lot of money.........
  21. many, `many` years ago on newsnight `Paxo` at the end of the program would read out the front pages of tommorrows papers, usual dull stuff in the broadsheets till he came to his last paper The Sun.. and without a blink said its headline `RANDY VIP IN BID TO BED MRS T` .. still makes me smile
  22. lidl`s dangerously cheap shower gel has just gone up from 12p to 19p exact same one was 10p in sainsbury`s ..
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