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  1. Yes, large tracts of today's Poland were legitimate German territory before WW2 including East Prussia some of which is now in the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad.....Ethnic Germans had lived here for centuries and were expelled after the War........Approximately 16 million!.!! Germans were expelled from Eastern Europe mainly from Poland and Czechoslovakia...............IMO they are justified wanting East Prussia, Western Silesia and Further Pomerania back and demanding their land and property back in places like Czech Republic.....

    are `they` not already doing this already, buying it back bit by bit, in the same way that `they` the Geeeermans now own all of

    Menorca apart from the Spanish government buildings and the Japenesse own all of Hawaii apart from the US naval base?

  2. Correct, when I was studying I remember a stat (some years ago now so a little hazy) that 17% of businesses that go bust do so because they simply did not understand the costs associated with running their business. Some businesses go pop even though they are profitable and have full order books, some businesses go pop even though they have fantastic business models, some businesses go under because they did not fulfill their statutory obligations, some businesses don't grow because they cannot access the funds to invest......................But don't worry they didn't pay £150 per hour for some beancounter, that will show em. Instead they listended to 'experts' on a forum.

    thats you that is :P

  3. who eats a 3 course meal these days ?

    what, at a restaurant called 'truffles' and be like in your early 60s trying to impress a 'client' form work whos a powerwoman, but childless 30 something career woman with too much make up for her age. the jaguar will impress women like this but the driving gloves should be hidden safely for the next visit to the 'golf course'

    yes I know, and she does as well, but a fcuks a ****.............. ;)

    `and what did you first see in the millionaire Paul Daniels..`

  4. and why is a house - non standard construction with 8 inch thick 60 year old :blink: concrete walls and unmortageable worth more than the land value it is built on ?

  5. What post men fail to realise is, there is very little delivered to people they actually WANT. I have no great urgency on having that days bills delivered that day. They can delivery them all on Monday and we can have a weekly delivery for me.

    Paperless is the future. Nothing to file, nothing to shred, nothing to be delivered.

    All people actually want , is parcels to be delivered, to support our Ebay and other internet purchases. Other companies do this better than Parcel Farce (and no ive not misspelt that) and twice yearly Birthday Cards / Christmas Cards, thats all we want as consumers.

    Its a dieing service that no one wants.

    ah yes, the paperless office, please tell me when that happens :lol:

  6. Maybe I wasn't clear enough - WITHOUT JUST BLITHELY SPOUTING GENERIC SOCIALIST SOUNDBITES, does anyone actually know what they are striking about.


    Royal Mail are now recruiting Postmen/Postwomen to sort and deliver the mail. If you are able to work to tight deadlines while maintaining a professional and positive image, you are the type of person were looking for.

    Hours of work: 22.5 hours per week, 10:00 - 14:30, 5 days across Monday to Saturday with a rotating day off.

    You will start by sorting the mail in a loud, busy environment, arranging the mail so you can deliver it accurately later on. You will work in all weathers delivering mail on foot or by bike. You will travel 6 to 8 miles each day carrying around 8 heavy mailbags a day (weighing up to 16kg).

    As part of your duty you may be expected to ride a bicycle confidently in all weathers and in heavy traffic.

    The role involves working at offices in the surrounding area covering delivery roles. You must be flexible and able to travel to different offices at short notice.


    a lot of posts- (thieving posties etc- they are found out and go to prison very quickly !!! - , working 3 hours and geting paid for 10 etc, please do the above FOR ONE DAY, and then spout)

    ... management want nice 9 till 5.00 jobs , they don`t like getting up at 4.00 the morning hence .. later and later starts, no second post, no Sunday collections and very soon no Saturday deliveries (this will get rid of a lot of staff)

    when posties worked 5/6 in morning till 12.00 , there was the possibillity to do another job pm, and hence scratch some some of decent living

    Royal Mail don`t want full time decent staff cause they cost too much, ie not enough profits for the future privatised shareholders

    and think the `service` can be run with part time, NON CONTRACT, casuals (er.. no it can`t)


    why do the above job when you can get the same money on the tills at Tescos or sit on your bum at home on benefits? far less hassle

    now later finishing means this is no longer possible, coupled with a given amount of deliveries that IS PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to do in the time that you are given to do them - you either carry on doing your round UNPAID!!! or get abused verbally and harrassed by your line manager for not doing your job which wasn`t possible to do in the first place - THIS IS THE SUPPOSED MODERNISATION,

    you keep reading about

    in other words...

    Royal Mail are delibrately trying to ****** off decent, honest, time served posties so they leave and replace them with non-contract 20 year olds who do the job, after a fashion, and piss off anyway after six months so it doesn`t matter if you treat them like shit

    modernisation should mean having a full time, permanent workforce who are incentivised to give a damn not a management who are only interested in their own finacial futures and not the interest of the business that they supposidly serve :angry:

    and to all those who hate your postie, just think about having to go to your sorting office EVERY day to collect your mail, this is what Royal Mail want and the postie is actually trying to stop by going on strike

  7. Companies are continuing to pay down debt and also performing rights issues . People are also paying down debt .Qe seems on face of it to be stopping a deflation spiral from taking hold giving companies time to restructure their balance sheets though under lying demand remains very weak. Demand for credit is still very low .

    Can we escape deflation ?

    `I don`t want, what I haven`t got` - Sinnead O`Connor

    `when` the great unwashed start saying this as well, there is your answer

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