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  1. re- Dartford is the `Tunnel Club` still going? still exist??
  2. but the lighting is catching the lip gloss just right, in a colgate smile sort of way, its really quite beautiful.. I`ll get my coat..
  3. is this the HPC version of the come dine with me website??
  4. er........ actually Nationwide Flex accounts have paid 0% since February of this year.. they`ll always be Natiowide Anglia to me!
  5. its just being counter, counter intuitive..
  6. depends where you are.... point being, to buy a washing machine which WILL break down + the cost of running it can be > the cost of going to the laundrette
  7. or just go down the laundrette.... maintenance costs/ capital expenditure / running cost s > service wash??
  8. `witless and stupid members on the discussion` aka Millbank towers crack full time forum monitor and response team - entryism isn`t just for Trotskyists
  9. are `they` not already doing this already, buying it back bit by bit, in the same way that `they` the Geeeermans now own all of Menorca apart from the Spanish government buildings and the Japenesse own all of Hawaii apart from the US naval base?
  10. accountants, why bother - incorporate - make it all up, go bust if / when required ... ,
  11. yes I know, and she does as well, but a fcuks a ****.............. `and what did you first see in the millionaire Paul Daniels..`
  12. and why is a house - non standard construction with 8 inch thick 60 year old concrete walls and unmortageable worth more than the land value it is built on ?
  13. ah yes, the paperless office, please tell me when that happens
  14. `I don`t want, what I haven`t got` - Sinnead O`Connor `when` the great unwashed start saying this as well, there is your answer
  15. Wilsons - Dalry -- Saturday 10th October, all sales so obvious, it wasn`t even funny - :angry:
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