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  1. ame='douggggy' date='21 January 2010 - 03:43 PM' timestamp='1264088594' post='2354568']

    He wouldn't be on here while he is working for us, that would be wrong and wasteful.

    Fortunately I am only a boss of a private company, nothing important at all really

    it used to be the case that when a CEO decided that the time was right for a corporate helicopter, that was the time to sell your shares in that company,

    perhaps that should now be when he spends too much time on internet forums ??

  2. Any judgement in a county court can be enforced in any way the person who has won that judgement chooses. A charging order is not a good route to go down as it can take years to get the money owed.

    AND... of course you`ve sold to rent and blown the equity on gin and hookers in the mean time..

    `the system works` :D

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