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  1. you never know ?? but I`m hearing thread quotes from here being repeated verbatim all over the place, speach and written mainstream media, without accredition, .. YES YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!
  2. it used to be the case that when a CEO decided that the time was right for a corporate helicopter, that was the time to sell your shares in that company, perhaps that should now be when he spends too much time on internet forums ??
  3. BBC 7 has its moments ... and exactly how did Livesey go from `Double Decker spotted on the moon` to broadcast journalism ???
  5. Translation: "I for one welcome our new Tory overlords"
  6. [Put a note through the house door asking to arrange a viewing as the EA refuses to arrange one. Do not knock on. or / put a note through the door saying that you heard by a mutual friend that your property was sale and I would like to view and that If I bought you wouldn`t have any estate agency fees to pay..
  7. Don't worry though about the excess of labour most people can't cut it hence the bile against Londoners. .. and you will be very proud of your Londoni grandkids
  8. My good lady is a sales manager with the said company,she tells me they cant build them fast enough at the moment, ... and you also believe it when she says shes working late again
  9. But try and get him to exercise somehow occasionally.. - paintballing ?? mindless violence and a bit of fresh air, whats not to like
  10. `Inland Revenue To Attack Middle-Classes` ..with their crack squad of uneducated 18 year olds on minimum wage who take 3 months to open their mail ! anybody with any actual ability to do the job left the Revenue many years ago, but this is well known by all apart from HMRC`s press office
  11. does it also say .. `MADE IN CHINA` - thems is pure engineering quality, 5 1/2 hours use in a single lifetime....
  12. `Son of Limahl` would that not be (if/when physically possible) a `Gamboteeny` ???
  13. have the (VERY) nasty bits of Harrow lasped onto sunny shores of Hatch End now ? anyway this is the best decision you will ever make !!!!!!!!! YOUR GRANDCHILDREN WILL THANK YOU MORE THAN YOU CAN EVER IMAGINE
  14. indeed `why` does Blockbuster exist at all when there is LoveFilm ????????????
  15. `issues` ............. and `Full Disclosure ` means what exactly ???
  16. AND... of course you`ve sold to rent and blown the equity on gin and hookers in the mean time.. `the system works`
  17. La Manga management `fees` these prices are a COMPLETE @@@@ING JOKE - hope the hotel got paid before the event cause I doubt they`ll get paid afterwards!! why sell this crap in the UK?, surely if you where trying to sell for real go where the money is Germany, Holland, Sweden, Norway, then again, perhaps there they`ll have to deal with somebody with a brain!
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