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  1. actually............. filled my boots in my local very empty Waitrose yesterday with loads and loads of reduced to clear stuff which can all be frozen .... happy days just like 4.55 on a Christmas eve ... like the person who managed to get a few sand bags for their fall-out shelter just before Kim Il Sun/Jun whatever says lets kick them now while we have a chance, I will eat well for a more days a least..
  2. I lost the faith unlike a lot of you still here... always thought it was going to be a dirty bomb that caused the `only buy when the blood is on the floor` moment, got that wrong , but what is the value of a trllion pound note when nobody will handle cash money and the card machine doesn`t work?
  3. actually physically delivered by G4S, outsourcing the outsourcing, like re-insuring, only shit...
  4. ` `actually` what you needed to do was stand strark bollac naked in front of an audience with a lighted firework up your bum.. Malcom Hardee you are sadly missed in the not so brave new world of corporate sellouts that don`t allow hecklers..
  5. au fugging contraire Blackadder.............. after my several cups of free coffee with my mywaitrose card, I delight in following the mark down sticker girl around the store and haggling down the sticker prices, a great fun night out for us oiks.. ie, if you press your nose up against the window of the posh restaurant sometimes the`ll pay you to go away
  6. .. native born? heading for the hills to avoid hpi (and/or benefit from), has been going on for a very, very long time
  7. .. yep, there`ll be loads of timber frame new builds still around in 120 years time ......... NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. ... throwing your Granparents into a barn and setting fire to it (across most parts of europe) might just possibly also have something to do with it........
  9. The plebs are like dried beans - need a long soak and plenty of water changes to soften up before you bung them into the melting pot! a haricot indeed.... I`ll get my coat..
  10. SOLID INTERNAL WALLS ! says more about your home than German stainless steel appliances ever can..
  11. er ... you have the holidays AND LEASE the Bently...........
  12. look a little bit closer next time your in.................. a businessman will pay one person two peoples pay to do three people jobs an accountant who runs a business will pay one person £6.19 p/h bankrupt Britain is run by accountants Aldi is run by Germans
  13. So when they ask for my CV which shows the only jobs I have had are in professional ones, I say what? Or do you expect me to lie? Jesus. can`t get away with it anyway now..... under F.O.I. you can request a (free) copy from HMRC of all the N.I. contributions you have ever paid throughout your life... which also states who you have worked for! and the dates now while a potential employer can not directly get this information themselves, they can of course get (make!) you, to do it for them
  14. privatised `profits`............ sack all the `real` posties, asset strip every thing, sell and lease back all the property portfollio, charge £30.00 for a stamp and that shower of sh!te will still NEVER turn a real world profit then again what does these days
  15. if I ran a big supermarket I would palletise my goods, with clever mechanical displays that pushed or droped stock forward and then I wouldn`t even need shelf fillers... for all their billions why haven`t the big corps realised how inefficient shelf filling actually is?
  16. ... on the wall of my daughters primary school is a poster from the Scotish Goverment, its shows a Russian doll with all the smaller dolls all in a line under the biggest doll is the Scottish Saltire and under the other dolls are the flags of Ireland, Pakistan, India, Somalia etc.. with the strap line that esentially says we`re all one big happy family living together in multicultural harmony all good stuff apart one teeny weeny detail... there is one flag missing from this poster FROM THE SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT and its the flag of the nation of the largest ethnic minority in Scotland a wee something to think about when moving north
  17. irreparablerable lower back damage isn`t just for christmas..
  18. .. never snows in the uk panel weight + snow loading on a Baratt roof = answers on a post card
  19. a few years ago I suggested to some senior bods at Comet that they should have they own satellite tv Chanel to sell AND demonstrate their goods.. have it on in store and on line live ... I was laughed at... they are now all out on their arses.... my point .. when you buy anything online (or nowadays anywhere else) have you not already made up your mind to buy it in the first place.. you`re just looking for the best price? where are the sites/stores that can demonstrate and SELL to you something that you THEN actually want to buy?
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