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  1. Are you aware posting off-topic like this will upset Game Over? If it is whole, by definition, it hasn't been divided. How do you know it doesn't have length, breadth or mass? No it doesn't. Yes, but it doesn't support anything you have written.
  2. Indeed. Nuclear fission power stations have been around for decades but it will take until 2017 before the first new fission reactor is opened in the UK by EDF. So Game Over's prediction of 10~15 years for fusion is remarkable.
  3. Could you clarify what you mean? I said they object to it not that they ignore it. They strictly comply with their interpretation of the directive and log as little information as possible.
  4. Thanks I took a look and it appears there is confusion about the term "Internet2". It was originally used from 1996 onwards by a non-profit organisation working to create a higher speed network. CERN have been involved as they would like to transfer large volumes of data collected during particle accelerator experiments. "Internet2" seems to now be used by to refer to some kind of government controlled internet. To me they appear to be two different things. Regarding the thread you linked to, there only seemed to be two issues: Net neutrality and censorship of blogs. Net neutrality has been pushed by some media organisations and large ISPs in the US already. This is more an issue about profit than anything else. ISPs would like to be able to treat some IP packets with higher priority than others so that, for example, traffic for certain sites has greater bandwidth. Working with content creators, they could then offer packages that provide a high quality stream from a particular site while other traffic is subject to delays and bandwidth restrictions. So far governments only seem to be involved due to lobbying by content providers and ISPs. Customers can change ISP. The suggestion to censor blogs just shows how little politicians understand about the workings of the internet. Unless they could get worldwide agreement to censor blogs, a unilateral action by the EU would just push blogs onto non-EU servers punishing EU-based hosting companies. Western economies now see lots of business via the internet and encryption is necessary for secure financial transactions. The same encryption technologies allow communication without logging or snooping by governments. It will be very difficult for governments to implement censorship without harming trade, although I'm sure they will try. It will be up to customers to select their ISP appropriately. My ISP objects to the EU directives. Here is an example of their response:
  5. ITER is a joint project supported by European Union, India, Japan, China, Russia, South Korea, and the USA. Its aims are: * To momentarily produce ten times more thermal energy from fusion heating than is supplied by auxiliary heating * To produce a steady-state plasma with a Q value greater than 5. * To maintain a fusion pulse for up to eight minutes. * To ignite a 'burning' (self-sustaining) plasma. * To develop technologies and processes needed for a fusion power plant — including superconducting magnets and remote handling (maintenance by robot). * To verify tritium breeding concepts. * To refine neutron shield/heat conversion technology (most of energy in the D+T fusion reaction is released in the form of fast neutrons). It is scheduled to be switched on in 2018. If ITER is successful DEMO will go ahead with the intention of producing thermal energy 25 times that supplied. * Conceptual design is to be complete by 2017 * Engineering design is to be complete by 2024 * The first 'Construction Phase' is to last from 2024 to 2033 * The first phase of operation is to last from 2033 to 2038 * The plant is then to be expanded/updated * The second phase of operation is to last from 2040 onwards The people planning and funding research into fusion aren't as optimistic as you.
  6. Yep, you don't mean this, or yep you do? I haven't seen anything that would suggest Internet2 is a closed shop with heavy restrictions. The main difference is it uses Ipv6 and high bandwidth fibre optic connections. I can use IPv6 with my current ISP and I effectively already pay a subscription to access the current internet: my ISP pays for upstream connection to other networks on the internet. Do you have any links? Just checking.
  7. I saw you it doing throughout the entire thread and thought I'd have a go. Sorry if I stepped on your toes. Already have. It was a serious point. Methinkshe took the thread off-topic several posts ago because her on topic posts were not convincing. Having had no success on the off-topic approach she tried to stop further debate by claiming she didn't want to take the thread off-topic. It was a bit late for that.
  8. So you picked the least likely form of fusion because it produces little radiation? So you were just being an *rse? D-T fusion has been sustained for 0.5 seconds in the JET project but following the D-T experiments future experiments had to be done remotely because the reactor vessel was radioactive. 80% of the energy is released as neutrons which make the surrounding reactor vessel radioactive, produce tritium which is hard to contain, and damage the structural integrity of the reactor. If sustained fusion is achieved there will still be the problem of how to build a reactor that will last long enough to be economical and no-one knows what the effects of release of tritium by large numbers of power stations will have on the environment. When inhaled, ingested or absorbed through skin it can cause health problems. Fusion will create less radioactive waste than fission if it ever works, but fusion power stations are decades away from reality.
  9. How do you know it wasn't just wind? More seriously, all you are saying is you feel something you can't explain so you have attributed it to a paranormal source. It could have been invisible pixies at the bottom of your garden, you have found an explanation you are comfortable with. What if it was the devil pretending to be god? I've heard he can be a bit of a trickster, although that may be a vicious rumour; I don't want to cast aspersions. I know someone who met three people who all claimed to be the reincarnated spirit of Henry VIII. They can't all have been right.
  10. Why have you used hydrogen-boron fusion as an example? This is much more difficult to achieve than deuterium-tritium fusion. D-T fusion requires temperatures of 670 million degrees Celsius whereas H-B requires 6.6 billion degrees Celsius. The peak reaction rate is one third of D-T and the power density is 700~2500 times lower. Even if hydrogen-boron fusion was technically possible it may never be economically feasible. None of the possible theoretical approaches to hydrogen-boron fusion have been tested.
  11. I assume you don't mean this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet2 http://www.internet2.edu/about/ Illiterate? Why?
  12. That is just your interpretation. I'm going to prove it by jumping off a tall building. I've been told I'll plummet to the ground and suffer severe injury but that is just their interpretation of physics. I have faith that I'll fly. No one has the right to suggest my interpretation is inferior to any other interpretation.
  13. I definitely would ask for proof. Bananas don't grow on trees. Your knowledge of basic science is appalling. Sounds like an ad hominen attack. Sounds like an ad hominen attack. Your posts seem very emotional and don't provide any evidence to back up your claims. The best you can do is give links to badly written/researched articles which don't don't give references for their sources.
  14. I saw your post before you editted it. I won't tell anyone. Probably. When gold reserves are quoted as tons is it really metric tonnes? Standard bars are 400 oz so wouldn't the tons also be imperial? I've no idea. Anyone?
  15. Can I check that on, erm, google? You can check it on the EPSRC website: http://www.epsrc.ac.uk/default.htm Is your real name Penry?
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