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  1. That is not what Bill Poole said. It is the opinion of the writer of the article. Right now the problem is deflation.
  2. Hear, hear. Congratulations on your 10,000th post BTW.
  3. Looks like he STR'd a bit too soon then. And went on to give financial advice. Hmmmmmmmmmm.......
  4. We went to one of those. I threw my keys in and walked home.
  5. This thread puts me in mind of my two favourite schoolboy howlers. and Hope my wife never reads any of this.
  6. Actually, thinking about it, I prefer a Bosman ruling arrangement. At the end of the 5 years you can simply release her on a free transfer. Also, if she buggers off to Chelsea after 2 years you could show a tidy profit.
  7. That would be multimillionaire hippy publisher, Felix Dennis. There is a similar saying for us mere plebs which goes.... "If it's got tits or tyres then it'll cost you more than you thought in the first place."
  8. Brilliant idea! You could buy yourself out after a year, or opt to do 12 months in a military prison. We might even introduce press-ganging for the men down the pub.
  9. Interesting that the MoM % is accelerating. What happened to "sticky on the way down"?
  10. The Gouda, the Bad and the Ugly. Limburger Hill. Danish Blue Velvet. Feta Attraction. (Starring Paris Stilton) Return of the Cheddi. I wish you could get paid for this sh1t.
  11. Or hilarious, depending on your viewpoint.
  12. You'd have done better buying dollars.
  13. I thought we didn't talk about day to day prices. You've told us not to on countless occasions, remember? Does it only apply if the price is going down?
  14. We're not buying it CL. So who exactly was that chubby guy you were spotted with last weekend?
  15. Nah. I was a student back in 1982 and not worth beating up. ( "Half a pint of bitter please, and is it alright if I pay by cheque?")
  16. The Old House at Home? That used to be my local!
  17. The Red Lion, surely. The Royal Oak used to do great lunches though. Half a loaf of bread and a slab of cheese that would keep you going through the weekend.
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