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  1. SHAFTED Selling House And Forgot To Expect Downturn
  2. MISHAPs Middle Income, Stupidly High Asking Price. GROPEs Get Real On Price Everyone SHANTYs Selling House And No Takers Yet
  3. Never heard of fixotropic. If you mean "thixotropic" then the definition you give is incorrect. A thixotropic substance is one that becomes more liquid when energy is applied. An example would be tomato ketchup, which is easier to pour when you shake the bottle.
  4. Also...... Big Macs aren't £10,000 each Silver didn't "explode upwards" from $18......it fell over 40% The ban on short selling didn't cause a run on bank shares, as reported on the discrdited Money Week website....
  5. More here Deflation to start next week
  6. From the BBC website Deflation Fears More here Deflation fears set to be realised
  7. NPower announces 8% cut in electricity prices 10% fall in British Gas prices
  8. If your IQ falls way short of MENSA And you think that there's nobody denser Put the bolt on the door Switch on Channel Four And tune in to Allsop and Spencer.
  9. "I've just bought myself some new clubs. Wentworth, St. Andrew's, Troon....."
  10. Americans want a return to a gold standard.......... In your wet dreams! Nowhere in that article does it suggest that Americans want a return to a gold standard. This is just a stealth gold thread, and belongs in the gold and other commodities forum.
  11. I knew I shouldn't have ordered my gold direct from Japan.
  12. You pour scorn on a poster for quoting the official stats, yet then spend "the most boring 30 minutes" of your life collating them to try and prove your point. Is it the case that the official stats are correct when they support your standpoint, but they are doctored when they do not?
  13. A hyperinflationary pay freeze here too.
  14. Just because something is getting a lot of replies doesn't make it on topic. I enjoy debating poker, but I go to a poker website to do it. If I wanted to start one here I'd start it in the off-topic forum. If you think house prices are passe, then look elsewhere.
  15. I love the way you get to choose which currency each of us should measure our investment in.
  16. Looks a bit rough to me. If you look closely you can see that the wheelie bin is up on four bricks.
  17. Ron Paul is a complete irrelevance if you live in the UK. The only reason he generates any interest on these forums is because he advocates a return to the gold standard, a goldbug's wet dream. For this they are prepared to overlook some of his less savoury views of the world. A bit like voting for Adolf Hitler because you want a ban on fox hunting.
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