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  1. Actually the thread is very interesting. I would say that I don't believe in ghosts, but have had things happen to me that I cannot explain.
  2. How about this one? How to Buy a House Surprisingly cheap too. Down from £12.99 to £2.45.
  3. So they say.......... House Prices Close to Bottoming Out
  4. I would say that I was qualified to make decisions on my personal finance, whereas you are not. If you perfer then substitute "unqualified" with "ignorant".
  5. Yeah, right! I'm sure I would have remembered, as I would have thought it very strange for someone as unqualified as you to be dishing out personal advice directly to me.
  6. No it isn't. Unless you're telling us about your medical history. Try again in 3 years time.
  7. Are the IMF "dumping it"? Brown has asked them to, but who would listen to him?
  8. ....and the inflation adjusted price for tulip bulbs is £30,000 each!! Fill yer boots.
  9. What parallel universe are you living in? There was no trouble at the football last night. Why do you feel the need to lie in order to support your view of the world?
  10. What are you talking about? There was no trouble at the England v Ukraine match last night.
  11. Look....you can say gas/electricity is up YoY and petrol/diesel is up MoM But equally you can say gas/electricity is down MoM and petrol/diesel is down YoY. The point is that not everything is going up. When/if we get hyperinflation everything will be going up, including wages. That isn't happening yet.
  12. You could say the same about petrol in reverse, yet you are happy to include fuel in your list of things that are going up.
  13. Why so sceptical? If British Gas had renaged on this announcement wouldn't it have been reported in the press?
  14. Hi Daddy Bear. I appreciate that you have spent some time and thought in writing out your theory on hyperinflation, but do you have to post it on every thread available? You have already started a thread on the subject, so there's no need to keep reposting the same post over and over again.
  15. ALLSOPPs A Lot Less Savvy On Property Prices
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