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  1. Really? Why's that then? Rising interest rates make old loans more expensive to service, and new loans more expensive to take on, thus affecting the company's profitability.
  2. How many of the Mexicans who died from "a suspected case of swine flu" were in police custody at the time?
  3. The Mexican government have just declared that half the deaths attributed to the dreaded swine flu have in fact tested negative. So it's not just our government that plucks figures out of the air. As they say, pigs might fly.
  4. Jeez. I'm not sure I would use that as evidence of a decline in the standard of living. Some hairy-arsed greaser serving up E-Coli in a bun!
  5. Actually I thought everyone knew that the Beijing Olympics were the most successful Olympics in British sporting history. Don't you watch the news? Wrong again. The medal tally for 1948 was first surpassed in 1956, a mere 8 years later, and on another 4 occasions before 2008. I know facts aren't your strong point. Maybe you could spend a little time finding the stats yourself.
  6. The market was at 4017 and set up for a crash on Thursday morning. Then this............... The GOMR curse strikes again.
  7. Either the program, or your recollection are woefully inaccurate. The Beijing Olympics of 2008 were GB's most successful ever with a haul of 19 Gold, 13 Silver and 15 Bronze. This compares to 3 Gold, 14 Silver and 6 Bronze in the 1948 games, which was not especially successful for the Brits.
  8. The Pie Chart Team. A bunch of bean counters, whose primary function is to produce a monthly glossy circular to justify their existance.
  9. We're gonna drink our way out of recession!
  10. Big increase in employment..............in job centres.
  11. Yeah, we know. You started a near identical thread yesterday evening with the same prediction.
  12. Originally you said you may be buying in the summer. The timescale is too short to be investing in assets that can go down as well as up. An STR fund is just an STR fund, it is not an investment portfolio. You may correctly deduce that gold/shares/currencies are a good investment mid to long term, only to find that they have fallen in the short term, just when you need the money to buy that dream house at 30% off.
  13. Only if they understand that they are speculating. Or to put it another way, the more you like the bet, the more you should gamble.
  14. Well the first thing I would say is that house prices are falling, maybe by as much as 15% yoy, so be happy. That's a terific return on your STR fund already. The next thing to bear in mind is that you need to access it quickly (you said you would buy a house in the summer if the price was right), so don't tie it up in shares or long term bonds. Max out your ISAs though. Now is the best time to do it. Apart from that just spread it around in easy access accounts. I see you chose to put 5% into gold. Fine. I hope it does well for you, but you didn't have to. You might consider talking to an IFA. Oh, did I mention not taking advice from blokes on the internet?
  15. This is one of the stupidest pieces of advice I have ever read. The fact that no-one challenged it just highlights the ignorance that abounds on this forum.
  16. They are straightforward examples, designed to see if any contributors to this thread know wtf they are talking about.
  17. The trouble is that the dumbest gold bugs don't agree (see thread.)
  18. This is dave the BTL landlord, isn't it? I suppose you'll be selling houses for a sole vendor? i.e. you.
  19. Well they haven't, so what's your advice? Define "some".
  20. Oi!! That's my mother! Ok, what about a 50yo married man with a 25k mortgage, 175k house, 5k savings and just received 25k redundancy pay? Or what about a 35yo man with 2k savings a 100k mortgage who has just heard a rumour that the company he works for is about to hand out compulsory redundancies?
  21. This is just plain wrong. Clearly you have never spoken to a financial advisor, decent or otherwise. The OP stated that he may be buying a house in the summer. By following your advice he would find himself with a bigger mortgage to cope with. Time is irrelevant? What would your advice be to a 75yo widow with a pension, 10k savings and a 150k house?
  22. Asking goldbugs should you buy gold is like asking a barber if you need a haircut. I see no-one bothered to ask some rather obvious questions before giving their predictable answers. i) How much have you got? ii) How long have you got? If the answer to i) is not "substantial amounts" and the answer to ii) is that you may need it all by the summer, then I would suggest that the correct percentage for you is 0%.
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