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  1. This is a deal breaker for most people. Hence the attractiveness of BTL in a rising market.
  2. Someone should test this out on Fergus Wilson. Any volunteers?
  3. Oh, I'm still here. I just tend to give the nutters a wide berth these days.
  4. A man walks into a casino with £100 in his pocket. He decides to play roulette, and place £1 on his lucky number 14. He continues to do this for the evening and when he decides to stop he has £150 of chips. On this occasion he has won, but he cannot claim to have found a system that beats the house. In the long term this is a losing system.
  5. It is not the job of the mods to decide whether something is or isn't a good investment. Only whether it is appropriate for the main board.
  6. Didn't they take future expectations into consideration in the 90s? The sentiment doesn't have to be bullish, just less bearish.
  7. Where is it written that the stock market has to follow GDP? The FTSE rose +40% during the last recession, and continued to rise until the end of the decade.
  8. From the article They are just plucking numbers out of the air. Is anyone really so stupid to believe them?
  9. Scotland are abolishing prescription charges from 2011. They are currently £4 per item, as opposed to £7.20 south of the border. Fact.
  10. Regardless of whether this is a good idea or not, it'll never happen. None of the parties will endorse it, as it would be political suicide. In fact, there is pressure on the government to abolish prescription charges in England to bring us in to line with Wales, Scotland and NI.
  11. Best selling financial magazine? That's a laugh. It has a circulation of around 38,000, compared to 1.3 million for The Economist. The fact they're sending out scaremongering e-mails like this one asking for money, shows how desperate they have become. I'd mark it as spam if I were you.
  12. Someone must be paying down debt. British homeowners reduce their mortgage debt by record £23bn in a year as interest rates fall
  13. Independent film makers are suffering too. I am aware of a couple of films that have been abandoned lately, though I suspect this has more to do with the recession than pirating.
  14. Last year I worked with a woman whose daughter was the drummer in a local Indie band. They must have been quite good as they had a loyal following that turned up to gigs all over the NW ( Preston, Lancaster etc). A few years ago they might have expected some kind of support from one of the big record labels, but now this is unheard of due to the fact that record companies are not making anything like as much money, and so don't believe in nurturing young talent anymore. The downside of this (and it applies equally as well to the film industry) is that no-one is prepared to take a risk anymore. It's left to Simon Cowell and the Disney Channel to decide which new singers we would like to listen too. Films like "The Shawshank Redemption" might not get made today because nothing gets blown up. We end up watching and listening to the same old homogenised pap and crap over and over again. Welcome to the world of global popular culture!
  15. Yes. he was quite specific. The it he was referring to is inflation.
  16. Thanks. I don't mind the quirky title, just that there's no indication of content, so you have to click on the link to find out what it's about. One self-righteous poster (thankfully long gone) used to post a link to some bonkers website with the words "Please review". I used to think "No. You review it and tell us why it might be relevant to a website called Housepricecrash. then we'll agree or disagree with the article." I don't want the main forum to become a dry list of economic facts, but the posting style I have outlined is somewhat lazy and at times irritating.
  17. I find it very frustrating that some posters start a new thread with some non-descript title that gives no indication of the thread content. As an example there is one on the main board entitle "Ha Ha Ha" and the content is a link to YouTube with the comment "Video from 2007". From the replies it appears that the video is of someone making crap predictions about the housing market, which may very well be worthy of a thread on the main board, but why not say that in the title (or sub-title)? Then instead of a link to a video why not post an example of what's being said? So now the thread title reads "Ha Ha Ha" ([email protected] prediction from 2007), and the link is followed by "Nationwide claim house prices to rise 15% in 2009", or whatever the [email protected] prediction is. I'm not having a go at this individual poster. He is not the only one and perhaps doesn't realise he is doing it. Would it be possible for a moderator to edit the thread title in instances like this so that we don't have to watch a 10 minute video to find out what the OP finds so amusing?
  18. You can buy a wasp nest powder from B&Q for about £3. Just watch which airbrick hole the wasps seem to use the most, wait until dusk and squirt the powder down the hole. It should destroy the nest overnight. I did this two years ago. It was fun.
  19. What is it? I hope it proves more substantial than cgnao's ceiling on the DJI.
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