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  1. It's also without maintanence costs and property taxes, I assume.
  2. The stops aren't there to limit what you make, but to ensure that your losses are minimal. You might conclude correctly that the FTSE will fall 2,000 pts and place a bet with a spread betting firm at £5 a point to earn you a cool £10,000, but if the FTSE first climbs 3,000 points before crashing the you need over £15,000 in your account to cover the bet. You need to put stops in to limit your losses. Spreadbetting sounds easy, but it is a quick way to the poor house unless you know what you are doing.
  3. Would it be fair to say that your "Financial Mayhem Antennae" are a bit crap?
  4. I don't like the new skin at all, but the main reason I am reading/posting less is the decision to change the ,ain forum to "House Prices and the Economy". This has fundamentally changed the website for the worse, IMO. It means that, at times, the whole front page contains maybe one or two threads about house prices, and the rest made up of a wide range of subjects either directly, or loosely, connected to the economy. The site grew because it was a place to discuss UK house prices. It used to be informative and humourous, but is becoming sterile and boring as far as I am concerned.
  5. Was there ever an official target? There may have been individuals that thought this, but it was never the view of the site owners nor the moderators.
  6. That's not my experience. A few years ago I bought some Nurofen sachets from their pharmacy and was charged £5.49. The RPM at the time was £3.79.
  7. Could it be because it is overpriced? Everything else is in Harrods. I wonder if they give you a bag?
  8. Cynical, but spot on. I worked for a large retail chain during the 1980s recession and this was the practice then. Taking on full timers was almost unheard of, even when a full timer retired or moved on. If a member of staff doing 37 hours left, he/she would be replaced with two new recruits doing the work between them, but on reduced hours with overtime. Some staff were even taken on on zero hour contracts! i.e you did 20 hours a week overtime, but come holiday time or sickness you didn't get paid. It was shameful really. Akin to the 19th century ship workers whoi would turn up for work with their toolkit each day and the foreman would choose who would be employed that day.
  9. With a salary of less than £3,000 pa, I think it unlikely that you will ever be able to afford a flat in London.
  10. How does that work? Is there a sort of collective wish from the 61 to 64 year olds causing the DOW and FTSE to move up?
  11. Whoops! DOW fallen to 9991. Looks like the experts were right after all.
  12. To be fair, like cgnao before him, he stopped posting once his "predictions" became too embarassing to defend.
  13. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/09/27/world/27protest.html?hpw[/url] Riots ain't wot they used to be. Now back in my day......
  14. 52.2% sounds just plain wrong to me. How are they arriving at that figure? What was the figure 5 years ago? The current rate of unemployment in the US is 9.7%, pretty high, but how does that translate to 52.2% of young Americans?
  15. So the graph only works for the 1930s and 1970s does it? Have you ever heard the saying about the stopped clock?
  16. Is there a point to this? i don't see any correlation between UK house prices and the price of gold. If there were then your graph would show some sort of buy signal around 1995/96. It doesn't. One idiot goldbug used to talk about average house prices always reverting to 100 oz of gold. He would have missed out on the late 80's boom too, presumably waiting for a 50% fall from 1988 prices.
  17. So? There's a recession. People are trying to buy something on the cheap and sell it at a profit.
  18. Who's behind the gold buying adverts? Someone trying to make a quick buck is my guess.
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