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  1. Good luck! Not one for the faint-hearted.
  2. I'm confused.The board have issued a statement threatening to close down the business unless they get government help.You say that won't happen.Your "investment" has lost 35% in three weeks, and you're wondering if you should top up?
  3. Is it BHS policy to reveal their complete financial details to new girls, or do you believe everything you hear? Did she explain why they are still taking on new staff and yet they are now "missing payments to creditors"?
  4. From 2004 MoD chairs £1,000 each as troops face axe Looks like they've been doing this for a while....
  5. Except the banks haven't frozen his assets, the respective governments have, most notably the British government. And it happened AFTER Gadaffi started to use state violence against the protesters.
  6. "It has begun......." Melodramatic nonsense!
  7. Government to revive 'Dracula' tax on family businesses An attack on small businesses (or even marriage), or closing a loophole? My wife is no longer a stakeholder (geddit??).
  8. Short answer. No. If you are granted bankruptcy the student debt remains.
  9. I take it you've given up on your much heralded "$1650 at least by 2011".
  10. Prince Phillip should definitely have him assassinated now.
  11. Serves you right! Moneyweek take their advice from the internet nutter cgnao. What was his take on the DOW this time last year? Classic!
  12. Several years ago the wife of a good friend informed me that they had got rid of all their debt and put it on the mortgage! It was around then that I began to wonder if something was wrong with the British economy.
  13. Plunge Protection Team. The Government couldn't let Clinton Cards fail.
  14. Everyone loves a tryer! You should set up a website and charge, say, $270 to join for this tripe. There are loads of feeble minded people that would listen.
  15. That is unfair. Sometimes things explode, or even implode.
  16. Tip of the iceberg, mate. I work as a pharmacist locum and it's the same wherever you go. The pharmacy owners get a percentage of the cost, so are happy to go along with it. In fact, you could argue that it is to their advantage to shop around for the most expensive quote! I should add that I have no evidence that anyone has done that and that the Royal Pharmaceutical Society would take a very dim view if someone did, but the taxpayer is getting ripped off. It might be worth remembering that the next time your elderly relative is refused expensive drugs for dementia because he/she doesn't have the right postcode.
  17. Not just the NHS. Does anyone remember this story? Row over new £1,000 chairs for MoD
  18. This is what they mean when they say they're spending more on the NHS folks!! I'm a pharmacist. When I first qualified 25 years ago part of our duties were to make up creams, suspensions etc. to simple formulae. Now we have to send them off to some secret location in Hertfordshire to be made up by a team of skilled Oompah Loompahs. Last week I saw a prescription for 500g 50% Betnovate in Ung Merck, invoiced at £520!! :angry: It would have cost the NHS about £20 when the pharmacist had to make it up.
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