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  1. So, dogbox. What was your worst ever investment?
  2. The true value of gold is measured against the number of loaves of bread you can buy. 1oz still gets you 350, with enough left over for a couple of packs of floury baps. (Lots of the Tesco Club points too.)
  3. Whose going to look foolish when doomsday comes and you can't afford your toga, belt and sandals? He who laughs last....
  4. That Roman guy was a mug. There's a fancy dress shop here in Blackpool selling togas for a tenner. For £20 they'll throw in the sandals, belt AND a replica sword. I'm not sure if they take gold though.
  5. It's just too easy for posters to re-register with a new name, and no-one can see through their disguise. Something should be done about it.
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