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  1. Is he offering us 19/1 odds? I'll have some of that if he is.
  2. £100 for me. Same for Mrs. U. We've averaged £230 per month between us since April.
  3. I particularly like the cellar with the freshly concreted floor. Did someone make him an offer he can't refuse?
  4. I would say with a mortgage too. (Not many of them here, I guess).
  5. That may be true, but they should be made aware that they are speculating.
  6. My concerns are that the person may be forced to cash in the investment at an unfavourable time. I'm suggesting that the person shouldn't diversify into PMs, shares or foreign currencies at all. £10,000 is not a huge some if he/she was faced with redundancy or illness, for instance. The best place for this money would be somewhere where it could be got at quickly if needed. Any investment where the value can go up and down could prove costly.
  7. That might be true for some "cash rich" individuals, but unnecessary, and potentially costly, for the vast majority of us. For instance, I wouldn't recommend that someone with a family and £10,000 in savings put £1,000 into gold.
  8. And earlier in the year we were urged to buy gold because......
  9. If you agree with the poster I was quoting then your head is probably so far up your @rse that you couldn't hear me anyway. Gold is a commodity. It may be a good buy at the moment, or it may not. Anyone who thinks that by buying it they are "protecting themselves" or their great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandchildren is a twit, and deserves to be told so. My great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandchildren are getting nothing from me.
  10. So what was the cause of hyperinflation in Zimbabwe, and how could it happen here? Just so you know my standpoint, I'm guessing that the economies of the USA and the UK are a little more robust than that of Zimbabwe.
  11. Are you able to provide a link, or at least tell us where you found the article? Without one or the other it has no merit whatsoever.
  12. Why are you worried about CGT if you are only purchasing 10 coins? You have a £9,000 annual allowance, double that if you purchase half the gold in your wife's name. The price of your investment would have to treble before you would have to pay any CGT at all (assuming you are single). I would be far more concerned about transaction charges, which are payable even if the price of your coins go down, than CGT.
  13. I think they were counting their chickens before they had hatched. 10%? Hmmmm..... Are you buying Dave?
  14. Gold isn't money, it's a commodity. Plot a graph of gold price and compare it to house prices. They move independantly of each other. Commodities are in a bull run, which is interesting, but there's no direct relationship to house prices. Would you allow threads about the price of copper, zinc, tin and spinach on the main board?
  15. Is that the one where they show continual repeats of "Big Brother"?
  16. This doesn't paint an accurate picture. The vast majority of drugs and dressings are bought by the pharmacy. Surgeries have a drug budget for flu vaccines and the like, but the PCTs are likely to dictate the price the surgery pays. The idea that Barbara the receptionist buys the aspirin from the Medical Rep who gives out the nicest pen is incorrect.
  17. The government ban everything that is fun, usually on health grounds. All it will take is one incident of a child choking on a Britannia and new legislation will be rushed through ordering the confiscation of all physical gold,which will be dumped in the treasury's coffers. And you thought Gordon Brown was stupid.
  18. You're saying that there may be a period of deflation, followed by a sudden upsurge in inflation?
  19. Of course it is. Senior figures die all the time. Look at Dr David Kelly and Robin Cook.
  20. A scurrilous accusation based upon hearsay and unfounded stories in the gutter press. I have set up a website to discuss the matter of Gordon Brown's sexuality. You will find a proper debate at www.nosmokewithoutfire.com
  21. Firstly, I'm bullish on the gold price in the short to medium term. Secondly, I would not commit a substantial part of my investment funds into a single asset. I believe that for the majority of the readers of this site the advice to "buy gold" is inappropriate either as an investment or as "insurance". The reason I took issue with your post was that you used this phrase.... Weasel words, FP. Could go up, could go down. Either way you're right. I think you are doing a fine job as spokesman for the site, but I wish you would lay off trying to build yourself some sort of reputation by spouting wishy washy predictions about the price of gold.
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