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  1. Staff at Glasgow branch of Woolies receive redundancy pay.
  2. This changes everything. Didn't they call the top in the dot com boom?
  3. You've conveniently omitted the cost of storing/insuring gold. Anyway, over a 50 year time scale the gains from gold ar slaughtered by the stock market, (and property).
  4. Can't be him. The bloke on MSE wasn't shouting "House!" all the time.
  5. Not everyone shares your enthusiasm for Mr Celente Gerald Celente, Futurist Fraud
  6. Why would anyone wish to comment about the issues raised in that article? There is no substance in it at all.
  7. So where is your evidence that "the roar of the printing presses can be heard", as the title says? How long before this filters through into massive inflation? Days? Weeks? Months?
  8. Oh dear! I went to the Post Office to get the forms for cashing in Premium Bonds, and they'd run out!! The second one had them though.
  9. I concur. They should scrap one of the £1,000,000 prizes and make more £5,000/£10,000 prizes. It's not the National Lottery! If I get the same rotten return I got last month, then I'm cashing them in. Any suggestions?
  10. He's also a non-influencial never-has-been. Get over it Btw, Elvis is dead.
  11. Aka Goldbugs. The only reason we are discussing this obscure man, who didn't come anywhere near securing the nomination for the leadership of the losing party in a foreign country is that he wanted a return to the gold standard.
  12. Four pages and you missed "Besides, if prices do fall I'll just buy more houses."
  13. Did cgnao say it was ready to "explode upwards" again?
  14. How do you define "on the verge of hunger"? I've just had my breakfast, but I'll probably be hungry by lunchtime. Am I "on the verge of hunger"? Did the piece say who the people were? Obviously, if they were stockbrokers and bankers then it would be significant.
  15. Serendipity? Which one of Duncan Bannatyne's companies are you referring to?
  16. If you're a 40% tax payer then that's a good return! The £760 you would have made from the bank would be taxed, leaving you £455. The "implied" rate you are getting with Premium Bonds is 6% If you are not a high rate tax payer then premium bonds are a bad idea.
  17. I used A+L deposit acount up until 18 months ago and would recommend them. (Have sold the business since). There deposit account rates were tge best, and it was easy to transfer money between accounts. Their telephone banking service was good too.
  18. Endgame wasn't being vague. He was quoting a previous poster.
  19. £50 on a 60k holding for me and the missus. That's our worst ever month. The list of high value winners didn't look as long this month!
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