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  1. Apparently, at Willie Thorne's funeral the coffin went straight in the hole, didn't touch the sides.
  2. From The Daily Telegraph article The World's Worst Holiday Destinations.
  3. Not dead yet. It's been 7 days since I first developed symptoms, so if it is Covid-19 I either recover or deteriorate now. My wife has started to come down with it now. I'm beginning to doubt it was anything more than a cold!
  4. Day 4 since I first got any symptoms. Now I have a raised temperature. The breathlessness is slightly more noticable, but overall it's bearable. The isolation period is 14 days now, so I'll be grateful for Netflix.
  5. Background: I'm a 57yo male with no underlying conditions. On March 6th I flew back from the USA via Amsterdam. Friday 13th I noticed I was coughing. The cough is dry and fairly mild. Saturday I also developed a sore throat. Again it was fairly mild and no worse that the sort of colds you get around this time. I decided to self isolate. Other symptoms include runny nose (not a coronavirus symptom apparently, I feel colder than usual and have been sleeping more than usual. To be honest, I'm kinda hoping this is Covid-19, as it's bearable so far. I have no way of being sure though. Has anyone else got any symptoms?
  6. Sven-Goran Eriksson: I hate only one person on earth - the man who cost me £10 million Oopsie!!
  7. Pathetic response. If you don't know the difference between portfolio and assets, then you understand nothing.
  8. Utter tosh. You are confusing assets with portfolio, and not for the first time, so I assume you either don't understand the difference, or that you are deliberately trying to mislead. It's quite possible to have substantial assets and zero portfolio, in which case the correct holding of PMs is zero. An obvious example would be an elderly couple, who own their £100K house and have £4K in savings. According to you, they should sell their furniture and stack up their front room with gold.
  9. The bit about him being a "former ice-cream salesman" is true. He was rather good at it it seems. Not easy when there are pitch wars to be fought in Glasgow. He also had a string of Nursing homes, mostly purpose built. In a simila vein he built and ran a number of Nurseries (child care). This was the business that launched him into the multimillionaire bracket when he sold it. From there he went on to form his Fitness Club. So, no, not a one-trick pony.
  10. And the ones who seek only affirmation deserve to lose money.
  11. When I first joined this site there were property bulls that used the same argument against anyone who dared to suggest that houses were too expensive. I suspect some of them have gone bust since then.
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