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  1. OK, sorry Shell I was just being selfish, but in answer to your questions - Do I really want more Londoners down here? Don't really mind as no longer interested in school places etc. Surrey Heath best place to live? Hmmm, yes if you want less crime and noise I spose it could be, but I am talking about 'life', things to do apart from gardening and walks in the country. Seat on the train from London - I've been doing it for 9 months now leaving London Bridge any time between 1700-1830 and the trick is simply to only use trains that originate from there and avoid the Luton/Bedford thru' ones. Stick to platform 9, get there 7 or 8 mins early and you will only stand one a month or less. (OK, now I'll join you in persuading others not to come here) cheers, KL
  2. OK, fine words...but here's the flaw in your arguement from one who has tried it. I started off in Islington many years ago, did my best to make it trendy so Tony and Cheri could move in. We buggered off to Surrey Heath for a decade or so of sprog rearing. Yes, cheaper house, garden, good schools etc etc BUT boring as sh*t in terms of having a life. Moved to Brighton a couple of years back and its like being back in the land of the living. Tons to do, easy to escape to countryside and shore, best public transport I have come across anywhere. Period. As for those poor sods in Haywards Heath (one of top ten communter towns etc!) I see them burst a blood vessel every morning when I am sitting comfortably in my seat and they all face a 50 minute stand to London Bridge. Sorry to disappoint, but I like Brighton!!
  3. Happy Birthday. I think it is only fair to say 'Happy Birthday' to a few of my old Kemp Town chums who have doggedly remained on Rightmove for a year or more this month. (Thanks, Property Bee) Well done, chaps. Keep up the good work and don't let those prices drop! Tower Road BN2 from £625,000 to £595,950 Bristol Road BN2 from £595,000 to offers over £575,000 French Apartments De Courcel Road from £515,000 to yep, £515,000 Eastern Terrace BN2 2 bed flat, from £475,000 to £475,000
  4. Am I banned now? Sorry, guys, but after many months of pleasant lurking and too much intimacy with the EAs of Brighton, I just bought a house this week. Does this get me banned from the site now? What will I do with my winter evenings? I mean it doesn't even need anything done to it! Agh! It's even in Kemp Town. Can anyone suggest a harmless hobby I could take up now to wean me off of HPC lurking? So, why did Mrs Lurker and I take the plunge? Hey, y'gotta live somewhere and STR has to come to an end sometime. 15 months out of the market and I reckon we have done OK. Yes, I know it will go down in value in coming months, maybe even years, but guess what? We will be living there and not worrying about it. So, happy angst to you all, I have enjoyed the trip.
  5. Nice try, hen. You gied me a gud laugh. But as they say in Glasgow "do y'think ah came up the River Clyde on a bicycle?"
  6. A lot of stuff a bit higher up the market, say 600-800k is already either completely stalled or with lowered asking prices of 10% and more in the past couple of months. In Kemp Town we've seen 550 asking, selling for 495...and 500k asking, dropped to 400k asking. My guess, at least another 10% to go, maybe more.
  7. Yeh, and if it takes you two months to rent it out, that drops it to 6.3%, not counting repairs, defaulting tenants etc etc. Nope, I'll keep my cash in the bank for now, thank you. Ooops, hope you are not paying an agent to manage it for you? BTL? Bank The Lot!
  8. Hey, this one is a cracker: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-188...11&tr_t=buy 4th August went on at 374,950 25th August as it obviously wasn't selling, agent put the price upto 449,950. 20% rise in 3 weeks. I make that 365% annual. Next thing we will be taking a wheelbarrow of cash to Asda to buy bananas!
  9. Ah think Broon will go roon and roon the hooses and then fall on the groond in a swoon when all the folks in the toon tell him he's barking at the moon.
  10. OK, so what we need to work towards is - Value is what you pay (Asking) Price is the result of vendors with their heads stuck in the Brighton pebbles
  11. Good for you. I guess those who want to buy in BN3 will only be able to afford a Hove(L), and those who plump for BN2 will have to make do with a Kemp Site!
  12. Ah yes, but we CAN negotiate. Just DON'T BUY (yet) ! You'll see, it will do the trick eventually!
  13. Ah ha, y'see. Proves my point. The average 'value' I am being asked to pay for a 3 bed property in a decent part of Brighton is 17.8 x average earnings, ie half a million quid. Doesn't make sense to me, so for the next couple of years at least, Mr Buyer and Mr Seller will not be speaking to each other very much.
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