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  1. Can't seem to quote from phone but that was an interesting post from Peter Hun. Regarding borrowing in a high inflation,or in anticipation of,environment are you expecting equivalent pay rises/increase in interest from capital? (im a prospective,terrified, ftb )
  2. There is Geographic Information Science which is really be an all encompassing field like the afore mentioned geomatics. There is also Geographic Information System which these days is a spatial database with associated mapping and analysis tools e.g. network modelling and analysis, 3d terrains and slope analysis etc which is what you had above. see http://www.esri.com/software/arcgis/arcgis10/ As for training, it really depends. For some roles you certainly don't need a degree. You could be doing land / engineering survey assistant jobs straight out of high school (but HNC/degree level will vastly improve your theory which you actually use in the real world and help with becoming RICS accredited etc). You could be doing basic map digitisation jobs straight out of school too if you have good enough compsci/IT skills. These would be excellent apprenticeships in my view. As long as you have an analytic mind and a head for numbers, logic etc. These roles you would simply be a 'button pusher' or equivalent when starting out (like anything else I guess). For most roles employers will say you will need a degree or degree level knowledge. Geodesy, geometry, polygons, simplification algortihms etc have lots and lots of problems that need solving and improving on. Graduates from mathematics, computer science, geology etc are most welcome.These make up most of the numbers in Master level degree courses that you can do as a 'conversion' to the field. Many of the more demanding roles usually require a degree or lots of industry experience / proven track record. (again like anything else)
  3. I work in the Geomatics industry, of which, GIS is a large part. There is a general shortage of personnel and even greater shortage of well skilled personnel, not just in the UK but around the globe. Most of my peers had jobs before we started revising for our final exams and we didn't have to hunt for them, companies (private and some public sector) came to offer places / interviews to us. I'm working in the offshore energy sector currently and I know of places that have to look further afield for people because of the lack of supply .. due to the nature of the job you work all over the world anyway, essentially filling skills shortages in other areas ...
  4. Words fail me, Euro guy sounds like a pompous jerk. One of those "It's all speculation..there are no absolutes" types. But now we are lauding the fact that we successfully devalued our currency. So both sides have annoyed me in 5 minutes air time.
  5. These threads on work and housing status have been the most interesting in a while on the main forum. Especially eye opening are some of the posts from the Over 35's. As for me, I am 24, have been out of Uni for just over 2 years now. Renting a small flat (cheap and sensible % of monthly take home) with my girl and have been renting privately for over 6 years, total, now. Employed full time in the industry I trained for at Uni and have managed to save enough for what would be a 10-15% deposit on what I would like as a FTB. Can pretty much live wherever I want to in the UK, only limited to where my partner can find work so could well chase cheaper housing / greater quality of life. Girlfriend is underemployed but can still split bills. We would both be in a good position to leave the UK which is something we've considered but not too convinced where the grass is greener. Student loan is just over 10k. Could probably have caught the tail end of the mortgage madness and got one upon graduating however HPC saved me. So I graduated and became determined to rent, save and wait.
  6. http://www.oanda.com/ Not used it myself but know is popular/cheap/well trusted. DYOR etc
  7. Davey Cam is on the box just now, with the first(?) chapter of the manifesto. He says that they will be put online, one by one, where the public can have their 'input'. I wonder if there will be heavy moderation for all the comments from hpc'ers but could be fun to ask the 'big' questions and see the response http://news.sky.com/skynews/ -> watch sky news live tab
  8. I can believe it, but something that's always been brushed off as not a problem by media and pundits here. Highly in debt,large percentage employed by the state, and high unemployment, particularly amongst late teens and twenty somethings and dependant on benefits. Scotland's different though
  9. I thought the mail was announcing 'house prices doubled' or something, on their front page...
  10. When asked "Did you nearly run out of cash?" "No.. we refinanced very early" Barratt's saying we need banks need to get lending again but apparently 20-25% deposit is 'far too much' What a trollip. Radio Host...
  11. Haha, i doubt there are many of those ? not many talk about the reason above though, there aren't enough credit worthy entities in the uk for banks to lend to (commercial and personal customers). Too many were dependant on credit it even in the 'boom' years and took credit as a 'given'. They got away with it for a while, but not now. I doubt many will see this purge as a good thing though. Nasty Banks :angry: Ofcourse, it can't be that it's an unwanted, overpriced service that no-one wants
  12. but as the PM is in london he stays on that side of the wall
  13. If they asked for immediate payment (unlikely but check contract) tell them to gtfo then ask them to prove they gave you any 'money' in the first place. </injin>
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