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  1. Don't get excited, I'm not looking to do anything right now but when the time's right, I'm thinking about investing in property again to provide a retirement income and legacy income for my family. I can't help feeling that after the carnage and bloodbath there will be some good opportunities out there. In terms of pure investment, where do you think the best opportunities will be? BTL at home or a holiday let? Also, has anybody got any views on the best vehicle for doing this? Ltd Co, personal ownership or SIPP (with limited opportunities but avoids IHT) Any thoughts?
  2. I'm told it's a really nice country. It's the political stability that worries me
  3. Not good for those lookingto buy abroad. Looks like a flat in Torquay may be better value!
  4. I hope so. Just the type of opportunity I'll be looking for
  5. I don't think now is the right time but I think there will be an opportunity after the carnage to pick up a property as part of my retirement plans. My question is how is the best way to buy it? It looks as though it could be owned privately, through a Ltd company or (with restrictions) via a SIPP. Have any of you looked into this? It's something that I intend looking in to but any conclusions that anybody else has come to would certainly help....
  6. That's for residential property. Maybe even more for holiday homes
  7. I've been contacted by Obelisk International about properties in NE Brazil (Laguna Beach development). I'm a bit nervous about investing money anywhere at the moment as I think there will be some real opportunities in a few years. Their prices don't look cheap to me but I'd be interested to know pwoples thoughts. (www.obeliskinvestmentproperty.com)
  8. How safe is Romania? I have a motorcycle and would like to go there and have a ride round. People keep telling me stories about corrupt police and bandits though.
  9. thanks, good stuff. I didn't want to wait until the time was right and then start thinking about it, I want to do my homework now. I do already run a Ltd Co but it's VAT registered and I don't know if I want to have to charge VAT.
  10. Thanks Soup Dragon. This is part of the plan. I do have a final salary pension that my partner would still benefit from after my death and do also have 2 SIPPs that I'm currently investing in shares and funds. The idea of a property would only really happen if there is a significant drop in price and the opportunity to buy something moderately desirable presents itself to benefit from capital growth and income. I'm beginning to think that a Ltd Co may be the way to go on the following basis: More flexibility investment choice (Not dependant on a trust buying the property) Easier to get cash out (not governed by annuity rates) Can pay dividends rather than income Can use the property (......sorry, can go there to insepect/decorate etc) Can claim expenses for travelling there to carry out maintenance, search for a further property etc I guess there are disadvantages too though such as tax paid on capital gain (I assume that would be corp tax rather than CGT) I don't know whether a UK company can own foreign property or what the implications are...
  11. I'm hoping that in a few years time, there will be a great opportunity to buy an overseas property at a discount. I'm considering diversifying my pension and looking for the right time to get back in to BTL (I sold a few years back making a nice 100% capital gain) or an overseas property. I can see 3 possible ways to do this: 1. Buy it personally 2. Buy a qualifying property within a SIPP 3. Buy through a Ltd Co My objectives aren't actually to maximise my income but to leave a legacy for my partner and son after I'm gone. Therefore IHT is a key concern and that's really why I'm looking at 2 or 3. What are the pros & cons? It appears from what I know that there are advantages in doing it as a Ltd Co in that it would not qualify for IHT and could be passed on by making my partner & son (when he's 18) directors but if I need to borrow, a commercial loan would be more expensive. I don't know too much about the SIPP option. It appears that the choice is more limited as you can only buy in a country that recognises trusts. Also that if you stay in it personally you have to pay the going rate to your pension. What happens though about maintenance? Can your pension pay your expenses? Do you still have to pay your pension if you are staying there while decorating etc? Any ideas/help/guidance? I am still in "exploratory" mode..... (I do realise that BTL doesn't qualify for 2.)
  12. I didn't know you could put foreign property in a SIPP?
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