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  1. Are we able to discuss it in the Off Topic forum? If so, would it be possible to set down what is and isn't acceptable so threads don't get deleted? Personally speaking, I find it a great help to be able to discuss these things and make sense of threm with people I am familiar with but anonymously, If that makes sense?
  2. But at least there are 60% who do, hey?
  3. Apologies if already posted - but look at the witches face after Lawson speaks.
  4. I've said it before and I'll say it again ! There is VAT on claims management fees, therefore HMRC have received around £1billion of the £5billion paid in fees Hmmmm, I wonder why HMG/MOJ have allowed the claims sector to run claims?
  5. They changed didn't you know? They're now a toothless regulator called the FCA.
  6. Odd. Payday loans are fairly insignificant amounts of 'real' money leant on an unsecured basis, over short terms to high-risk customers with minimal consequence in the event of default. As google now appear to have become an expert in responsible lending, perhaps they should look at adword campaigns for secured lending of significant amounts of money (which doesn't seem to exist) over long terms, with major consequence in the event of default?
  7. SOURCING FEE - £4000 That stacks up for someone.
  8. Interesting stuff. Talking about money laundering/London property market. Henry Pryor discussing the blatant abuses and dodgy money in the market. Said if the son of a South American president turned up in London with £8 million to buy a flat, that would ring alarm bells for him and he'd expect 'even estate agents' to be able to grasp this! The select committee MPs are either pretending to be, or actually are completely useless. I'd go for the latter. Edited to add. My life is officially over. It's Friday night and I'm watching bbc parliament and posting on hpc. Someone, anyone, please shoot me in the face now. !
  9. Counter staff have been all been replaced by (rubbish, rarely working) machines and a few YTS children showing old people how to deposit cheques in my local Barclays.
  10. Layer upon layer of added complexity and all the unintended consequences they bring
  11. Aha, just seen the above any caps on this FTB ISA giveaway? Wow, at every turn HMG devise more and more schemes . HTB ISA ! Evil genius.
  12. wowzers. Government to put in £50 for every £200 saved in a 'house deposit ISA' Bonkers. Glad I bought a house in January.
  13. Lube has deflated over the last 12 months which is great news for your average taxpayer.
  14. The whole charade has been so utterly choreographed. Why does anyone fall for this complete horse-shit?
  15. My wife suggested Fabian as a name for our son when he was born. Knowing that the Fabians are a collection of left thinking, social engineering, insidious, sub-human scum who deserve nothing more than a slow painful death, I said I'd rather call him Satan.
  16. Woolfardisworthy = Woolsery Woolsery were our local sunday league grudge match when I lived near Shebbear.
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