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  1. property investment

    Help! I Just Want A Home.... Now!

    You need to talk to the right people, get all the best possible advice, drive around the area you want to live in and view some properties. Then you will have an idea of what you want to spend (what you get for your money) and how much you can spend. I think knowledge is key in this instance.
  2. property investment

    How To Invest A Small Amount Of Money

    Is he looking for a long term investment, with £7k he could do well with a property investment at a time when property prices are low. There is lots of potential for this kind of investment and with the right property and advice you could see good returns on the investment
  3. property investment

    Russians Snapping Up Prime Property In Londongrad

    I would have thought there would be interest from a lot of european places at the minute with the pound not doing so well. Now is the time to invest, its a buyers market - I am surprised this has been covered more.
  4. property investment

    Google Streetview

    I think this is a really good idea (apart from some of the privacy issues) it offers people looking to buy property, you can judge the area from the pictures and see if it is a good place to buy.
  5. property investment

    Moving Out?

    The landlord could be a pain for your next rental so it may be an idea to tell her before so that you can keep her sweet, as said you don't by law have to tell her if your tenancy agreement is coming to an end.
  6. property investment

    Renting Advice Please

    You will not know until you visit the property, go with an open mind and just because someone else doesn't like it doesn't mean it is a bad rental property.
  7. property investment

    Tenants Made Changes Without Consent.

    May be they just misunderstood from the initial communication. I would not worry too much, they - if they have damaged the property in any way you will just keep the deposit as with any rental property. They sound like good tenants and like they are a good family. You also have people on the street doing work which shows a willingness to want to fit into the community by hiring someone a few houses down.

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