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  1. Exactly. Time spent on trying to hide version numbers from software is time that could be spent doing useful things to protect against instrusion, which is what we actually do. A simple (and illegal) nmap port scan will give you all you want to know about an OS, including the version, and there's nothing that obscuring version numbers in web software will do about that. But again I reiterate - we don't, and have never used Fedora. So not sure it was our site you were looking at, and we do attempt to obscure the OS version where we can just for the sake of it. That article does have some goo
  2. Are you sure that was for us? We don't and have never used Fedora as an OS here at Fubra, so it's unlikely that what you were seeing was directly related to HPC. Also, a particular system's OS is fairly easy to determine from multiple factors whether you're publicly displaying it or not, so if showing this alone were an open invitation for being hacked then the entire internet would be in trouble. Fortunately we're able to display version numbers for a variety of things knowing that the real security is taken care of. Also, your assumptions about the hardware that HPC runs on are way off the
  3. Hi all, Apologies for that - there was a minor change to the login settings to improve security and the main theme (HousePriceCrash) was out-of-date that was then affected by the latest update. Should all be fixed and working now, let us know if you still have issues.
  4. Thanks for that, shall look in to it and see if we can figure out what's going on.
  5. Hi, if possible could you note here the site being contacted that it looks like it's trying to load from the whole time you're waiting for the page to load? It might be that one of the ad servers is being slow to respond, in which case if we know which step it is there might be something we can do to sort it as I'm not seeing anything particularly slow here.
  6. Hi all, I've attempted to get through a load of fixes today, namely the tabs in member profile pages and skin inconsistencies, but things should be at least a little bit smoother now. Search should be working as we've switched it back to a more default setting, although we may be playing about with this in the near future to make it work the way we want. For the record, everything that was either Lo-Fi or IP.Mobile before has been replaced by HousePriceCrash Mobile. This is a default skin provided by IPB and unfortunately we don't have time at the moment to implement any other kind of lo-fi
  7. This should be fixed now. The problem of disappearing posts may also be alleviated to an extent as we were having a server issue. Can anyone let me know if they're still experiencing this problem, and also if it's (as Timm suggested) to do with copying + pasting your reply into the post reply box. The signatures should also be behaving themselves now, and I'm looking into the photo upload issue.
  8. Unfortunately, the reason that we have not done this is because it's simply not possible. There were too many changes between the previous and newest versions of the forum software to simply use the old design. However, we're working as hard as possible on getting the new design to match both the previous design in terms of usability and all the new stuff that people are enjoying as a result of the upgrade - you'll just have to bear with us until we can get it sorted :-)
  9. We're aware of this issue, getting hold of this info is one of the major changes in the latest version of the software so it'll take a little bit to replicate again.
  10. Hey all, Just to let you know that we're still working on this and trying to find the cause of some of the more root issues, and we're also preparing the alternative theme in the meantime. The people who are having problems with posts not appearing or made to disappear by scrolling or clicking on things, and the people who are having attempted post replies disappear, can you let me know what OS and browser you are using? eg. Win XP + IE6. Thanks :-)
  11. Hello all, I'm currently collating and taking a look at as many of these issues as I can - there have been some considerably large (but necessary) changes made to the new version of the forum software which has caused a lot of the teething problems, but we'll keep working to resolve as much as we can as quickly as possible, and with the alternative skin to come as well hope that we can get the forum back up to tip-top condition!
  12. The FT Alphaville site appears quite customised and different from the forum software we use, and presumably is designed with the feature you've spoken about in mind. We're mostly at the whims of the forum software we use as to if and when such features are introduced, but they're usually pretty good with the bleeding edge stuff so it might appear in an update sooner rather than later.
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