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  1. An awful lot of money for a wee flat in Partick imo. Haven't been keeping up to date, but I'm sure I saw flats in Fergus Drive / Oban Drive goind for around this a few months back and in Hyndland for more like £150k i.e. you can probably get flat in a nicer place for same / similar money if you are intent on buying. There are some not great pubs pretty near that flat.
  2. mdt103


    No doubt school catchment area an issue here - ditto re Jordanhill in the West. Imo.
  3. mdt103


    I know someone who paid £60k circa 2004 for a one bedroom In Lochleven Road in 2004 needing modernisation, so £100k seems on high side.
  4. mdt103


    It's also wrong side of Highburgh Road to be Dowanhill and is in Partick but let's ignore that.
  5. From the floor plan looks like a classic conversion to me. Kitchen would have been original bathroom. Back bedroom would have been the kitchen. Bathroom would have been an internal store. That's the best way to do them. The ones I don't like are when they retain the bathroom and do the internal galley kitchen. It's the same size as the Dudley / Airlie ones - I used to live in one exactly the same. Hence overvalued imo.
  6. Valuation might be a mite on the high side if you look at some recent selling prices for e.g. Dudley Drive / Airlie Street in Hyndland which are similar sized flats, but imo, in a bit nicer place.
  7. Bought in September (completed October) 1. Sold (fluked) at about 5% off peak in May 2008. 2. Was looking in a very narrow area (2 streets). Had dismissed the adjoining street I actually bought in as too expensive. 3. Bought at less than "offers over" price in West End of Glasgow. That was unheard of in an area where 30-50% over the "offers over" price was the peak norm. 4. Price was 40% discounted from peak (2007) price for exactly the same type of property elsewhere in street (well, 39.9 something percent). I envisaged buying later this year when I thought chunky drops would have started to bite, but when the chance came up thought "why not"? 5. Equivalent places currently advertised at about 10-15% off peak. Not selling. 6. T'lady wanted to do it. She was actually the one egging me on with the low offers. 7. Little chap needed more space. 8 Was not a wreck. Needed rejuvenated, but was eminently habitable from the outset. 9. I like it and wanted to live here. 10. I can see us staying here for 10-20 years. 11. Mortgage is 3x salary so hopefully have not been too stupid.
  8. 250k offer accepted on 416.5k peak in Sep 08 in Glasgow. Chance your arm and see what people say. The first few told me to get lost.
  9. mdt103


    ^ All true. I think sentiment took a real turn for the worse between last summer and autumn. I sold in May (concluded in August) and that was 10% off peak. I think if it had gone much longer I would have taken a tanking.
  10. Peak was £416k for what seems to be a 3 bed from outside (autumn 2007). Latest 3 bed sale is £250k.
  11. Check the latest sold prices for the street.
  12. mdt103


    Iceblink - where in Partick? I can think of nice big tenements near cricket pitch and also around White / Lawrence St, but other houses which were 230k in Partick are likely to be newbuilds - Hayburn St? Bottom of Byres Road?
  13. blobby Apologies for posting in open forum. You asked me to contact you a month or so ago. For some reason I cannot PM you. If you want to PM me I will see if I can reply.
  14. Don't mind at all - Glasgow, West End.
  15. The time purchases take to feed through into the figures and until sales are registered is a big factor. I fully expect to be jumped on, but I have just bought a place. I paid my mid-2009 target price. When I saw the comparables on the valuation report for the mortgage company, the price I have paid is 39% down on peak price paid in September 2007 in the same street. My purchase will become part of the Spring 2009 statistics. Things are falling hard and fast. Denial will last until these types of figures filter through and become known.
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