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  1. I reported it too. What was the point of using such a word? How does it add to the discussion? Some people really are intellectually challenged.
  2. If you play around with the mortgage calculators on banks' websites, putting in differet salaries and levels of deposit, they seem to be lending based on deposit than earning multiples.
  3. She says it IS a repayment mortgage, but has been taken out over 38 YEARS!!!!!!!
  4. Girly girl, I understand that you have strong feelings about this subject, which is why you are getting upset, but methinkshe really hasn't said anything out of order and doesn't have an 'apalling' attitude. If anything, you are the one throwing insults about. Methinkshe has a different opinion to you. That is all...it is not a crime!
  5. I think electrical goods don't last as long as they used to. I'm sure that the more sophisticated machinery becomes, the more prone it is to breakdown. I think things are designed to wear out quicker so that you're tempted when the 'latest' things come out. For example, I've heard that a well-known games console was released in the knowledge that it had a certain fault that would kick in after a while. Allegedly, of course.
  6. Wanted to say tw4t, but they changed my post. But I'm sure you know what you are!
  7. Er, some of your post was obscured. Try again.
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