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  1. Heh, what like energy saving lights, looking for the best interest rates on savings and changing your utility companies? hehe. If people really need advice on stuff like that I pity them indeed, although I bought a house in 2005 when most people on here called me heretic lol.
  2. Looks half finished to me, and common sense for the rest if it! Mike
  3. 1. About 50k bought a house last december for 120k mortgage of 75k. Now stands at 72k. I have cash, shares and other stuff in credit of about 20k 2. Its gone through the roof due to the house, Credit cards are not a problem (about £500 at the mo which will be paid off on payday (about 4 days away) I use cashback credit cards and clear the balance in full, overpay mortgage by £50-150 per month. Mike
  4. So you admit, the HPC bears are actually more selfish and twisted than both the baby boomers and the BTL'ers that they so hate? Everyone is a selfish ****** except me I just don't want my house value to fall too much so I lose all the deposit I put down, yep, I am selfish too I suppose in a way. We are all selfish! My selfish is small though.
  5. I take issue with 2 salaries comment, BUT I bought my house alone and up here in East Yorkshire the average house price is lower than 180k and there are plenty of properties still sub 100k or around 100k that are in decent areas and are in decent condition. My parents 3 bedroom largish terrace in Hull is worth about 100k and its not in a bad area of Hull at all. My house was more for a smaller 2 bedroom terrace but its not in Hull which makes the difference. With 2 good salaries you could afford a very good house around here for you money. Not quite sure people are priced out up here yet.
  6. Exactly, it pisses me right off when public sector workers start crying they will have to work longer than 60. I have very little sympathy for the BBC workers. At BAE we have been paying 9% pension contributions for a while, our finally salary scheme was closed to new members some time back, and I will be working till I am 67 at least, if my BAE site still exists. We have also lost some hefty benefits. Its a sad fact of life pensions are costing more and more and benefits are being reduced. Encourage people to start smoking again is what I say, we need to bump off some of the pensioners
  7. The fact this is www.housepricecrash.co.uk. All you needed to put was "US Gallup Poll:" but you spun it different, I was quite supprised that 7/10 people expected the bubble to burst in the UK, it was not till I got lower in the thread I realised it was a US article. STF is total bear and I am quite staggered that you call him "trollish". I think anyone who doesnt agree with your "spin" on things is classed as "troll", you are even classing bears as trolls now...
  8. Heh, top 85%! Woo, does that mean I should increase my mortgage and trade up the ladder already, only had my 2 bedroom house 6 months. LOL nice website...
  9. I am not sure whats worse, BTLs who you all hate or you praying for the economy to explode and mass unemployment just so you can buy a property for peanuts. I am not sure who is sicker to be honest. Sad indeed.
  10. Well to be honest, I work for BAE SYSTEMS and our export market is not dictated at all by the UK economy. The fast jet trainers we manufacture are for governments who have spare cash of course but we usually have our own ups and downs not usually in line with UK booms and busts. Its more in line with if we can get export orders. Usually we have redundancies when the UK is booming and the vice versa is not uncommon. Still it wont help the UK MoD don't finalise the Hawk Mk128 order. After that we need to be looking to countries like Greece, Thailand, Poland, Malaysia, Singapore, the middle eas
  11. Heh, well I am not on the board but from a company point of view, both within and without the Military and Defence business has always been core to BAE, we have never really from a corporate point of view had a long term strategy with regards to civil aircraft (apart from selling it off, downscaling and getting out of it). The fundemental problem for BAE is a bit deeper though, is core business is defence and the UK and European defence budgets are to be honest tiny, the US is where the big bucks are (so to speak). If they can sell of European interest to turn it into US interest then I think
  12. Rubbish, I work for BAE and we still manufacture aircraft, Airbus is not the be all and end all of BAE. Infact as regards to BAE's Aircraft manufacture its small fry. Air Systems (the Military aircraft division in the UK) employes many more people than are involved with Airbus.
  13. I think that is what is happening here in the East Yorkshire, people who can afford to move out of Hull are doing so.
  14. Nationwide Yorkshire and Humberside Q1 2006 review Stolen from Jason's thread on the main forum. The East Riding of Yorkshire seems to be doing well at the moment, even though I personally think I paid a bit too much for my little house. Still better than a crash.
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